Friday, October 7, 2016

The Brilliance of Hillary Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that Hillary Clinton is in seclusion getting her baby blood transfusions to perk her up for another Trump Debate, all of us should review the brilliance of Hillary Clinton in leading America. Now before you scoff at this, in thinking you know all about Hillary Clinton in almost starting world war three with Bill Clinton in Kosovo nuclear war with Russia, and her failures at Hillarycare, being questioned by the FBI in Filegate and dead Vince Foster and a hundred others, just remember that was all as co President. We now have some real evidence in how Hillary Clinton leads and manages things.

Let us consider for a moment, Hillary Clinton's fresh out of the gate Democratic National Convention crowning moment. No I do not mean beating up Bernie Sanders supporters or threatening Bernie Sanders, but the real achievement in she chose that radical Islamist Khan to speak for her.
You remember Khan, waving the Constitution around, threatening Donald Trump.

He'S Baaack! Khizr Kahn to Appear With Radical Anti-israel ...

KHIZR KAHN TO APPEAR WITH RADICAL ANTI ... Does anyone out there want to guess that this same man who ranted at Trump has had connections to radical Muslim groups BUT ...

Yes that Khan, and this is Hillary's kind of guy to terrify Americans.

But wait, Hillary was not done yet in her leadership. In the first debate, she rolled out the fat Miss Universe as her champion.

A New Clinton Ad Features Former Miss Universe ... -

A new Spanish-language Hillary Clinton ad features former Miss Universe Alicia Machado ... It's macgado is just being used by Hillary Clinton. Miss ...

Yes Alicia Machado, a female who breeds with crime lords, drives get away cars, and gets into bed with Hillary Clinton.

Running tally on this, one Muslim terrorist, and one crazy fat chic.

But wait, make that two Islamic terrorists and one gang maul fat chic.

Orlando shooter's father spotted at Clinton rally - The ...

Orlando shooter's father spotted at Clinton ... looked on as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke about Orlando families' continued ...

But Hillary Clinton was not done yet in showing what prowess she has leader of the world. Her latest achievement in primping and preening her hand picked protege, Tim Kaine for the Vice Presidential debate.

After Tim Kaine Loses VP Debate, New Doubts About Hillary

Tim Kaine lost badly to Mike Pence in Tuesday night's vice presidential debate, raising new doubts about Hillary Clinton.

Yes..........ah two Islamic terrorists, one fat chic mob gal who threatens judges when not starring in porn shows, and the insane Vice Presidential choice of Hillary Clinton......not Bernie Sanders who she stole the election from and not Elizabeth Warren who she would not share the stage with, but Tim Kaine, someone who should be wearing a straight jacket to keep his fingers off nuclear buttons.

Forget for a moment that Hillary Clinton kept from the world that she is dying. Forget she collapsed on 9 11. Forget that she hacks up a lung, has seizures or looks like a toe tag candidate weekly for those are all incidentals in here today and gone tomorrow, but Hillary Clinton's command not red reset buttons with Vladimir Putin, but real decisions of bringing into her campaign someone who has profited from selling Clinton Foundation access to the US government in John Podesta. Ooppps sorry, I did not mean him, but those other choices of Hillary Clinton in two Isalmic radicals, a Latin mob maul and the unbalanced Tim Kaine. 

I half expect in the next week we will have Charlie Manson showing up with Hillary Clinton on stage vouching for how great a president Hillary Clinton will be.

That is the brilliance of Hillary Clinton in evidence. She accomplished this in barely 8 weeks. What in the hell would she do in 8 years?

Trump 2016 and 2020