Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bim # 9 Vomit Alert

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is my duty in covering the Clinton bims to alert all of you before you continue on, to have in place a heavy duty garbage bag to vomit in, as puking my occur with any of these bims that Hillary Clinton is apparently handpicking as they make her old snatch wet, from the dwindling group of ugly women who are seeking to gain a few seconds of hope, that they will be the next Huma.

Ok this is Kathy Heller, Bim #9, and I am feeling the nausea building.

So there is never any evidence of Donald Trump ever lip smacking or palm printing any of these bims, but they all claim he was doing this in public and in front of Mrs. Trump.

Oddly in the Face from Heller, there is in the UK press a photo of Donald Trump kissing the cheek of Miss Fatty of South America, and she is liking it.

I am going to make a point of something which has not been brought up, but goes to the smears about Donald Drumpf being German.

If you look at Mr. Trump with Miss Plumper, you are seeing what Donald Trump's German father and Scottish mother would have ingrained in him, in contact with women. See the Saxons from Roman times did not whore their women out and went to war when the Romans tried to debase their women.
Donald Trump has genetic programming in him,  that you notice he will not hip touch a woman. The Anglo Saxon are CLEAN people, and they do not act like whores.
It is why the Victorian prudishness prevailed and still prevails in Christianity, because it is how these people think.

The idea that a German Scot Donald Trump would be kissing strange women on the mouth would have the words of his Mum slapping him with, "You will catch something Donald!!!" and the words of his Dad reverberating, "Men do not do that Donald as no man wants whore lips!!!"

That is what is wrong with the Clinton smears in these bims. They are all the same unattractive leftist failures who wanted to a be a Mrs. Trump, but Donald Trump has a pattern in liking only attractive women who do not look like these bims whose calling in life appears to be having Hillary Clinton sit on their ugly faces.

Hillary Clinton apparently gets wet over these gender things that appear canine in looks, but not Donald Trump.

This is all a Clinton smear campaign, by a bunch of bims who are attracted to Hamrod and exactly like Hillary Clinton, they are absolute liars.

I can promise you that NO FILM is forthcoming, because David John Oates in reverse speech caught Hillary Clinton lamenting in the debate that there was "NO FILM". All she has are these ugly unbalanced bims who are either pathological liars or a bims who are pathological liars in trying to save Hamrod.

Donald Trump has been surrounded from Playboy, to Miss America, to the New Jersey General cheerleaders his entire life. You have witnessed the babes Donald Trump had on his arm. You have seen the women he marries. Donald Trump has TASTE and CLASS. He is not going to put up with these cheese faced bims, as they would disgust him, from his upbringing in his Saxon lines.

Donald Trump is Euclidean. He detests ugly and is not like Bill and Hillary Clinton in gravitating toward Monica Lewinsky types. It simply is not in his genetics.

When you have caviar, you do not go dumpster diving for the entrails.

- Lame Cherry