Sunday, October 16, 2016

Buffalo America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I honestly stopped watching the fraud of the NFL several years ago for several reasons in one was TL gave up soccer and in respecting that decision as TL played on a national team in college, I could do without football.
The second is I am too busy and while I glanced at it the other night in San Fran getting beat by whoever, I was typing the blog as I was doing it and I did not have the television on.

That is why I was so pleased in not watching to see the New York fans in Buffalo taunting that moron from San Fran and his gangstas in kneeling at the National Anthem. This only became more rich when Buffalo beat the bajesus out of the kneeler.

So a big salute to the Americans in Buffalo.

I never post anything without it teaching something and in this I desire to reach out to Blacks in America to have them figure something out.

Blacks are a repressed people like Jews, who have been herded into voting blocks of thought. Just because an Asian named Obama looks black, does not make him any more black than some millionaire wearing an afro. Blacks do not have to join lock step in supporting every stupid idea just because the person looks Black.
I stated this because a poll came out showing that Blacks supported the kneeling down of this San Fran afro in high numbers again, when this is not about a Black, this is about as Donald Trump stated, getting our Black Communities from being Rahm Emanuel battle zones.

America should have Tavis Smile and Cornell West as the examples for Black America for race, and not these Kayne West half brains notching it up with a Kardashian or looking at some millionaire jock who has accomplished nothing but f*cking white girls and having coaches pass tests for them as they were allowed to win games for Jewish owner profit.

Any Team is a Team of people working together, break that and you do not win. Blacks like all of these Clinton liberals have got to be educated that if you break the country of Patriotism in some uniting morality of all honoring the Flag, then the country is weak and someone like Russia comes in and starts breeding your women and taking all of your money, as that is what happens when you lose wars.

This kind of protest would have ended careers in an American era and it should of. It should have brought the conviction of those politicians and conglomerates who backed treason like this.

If Blacks have a problem with cops, then rich Blacks like San Fran afro should be throwing their community police steak parties, bringing Blacks to meet the cops, so the cops will know not to shoot the Blacks, instead of making everyone a stranger as the Afro does not live in a Black community, but is in some gated mansion surrounded by other rich people protected by the Poelease.

I look forward to the day when the NFL is bankrupt in all those billions of dollars have vanished and all of these jocks can be put to work for jobs they are qualified digging ditches as an EMP has fried the grid.

Congrats to the Americans though. It was a great day thank God in Buffalo New York. Those are my kind of values.