Monday, October 24, 2016

Corruption Bigger Than Hillary Clinton's Ass

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


Zero Hedge has absolutely proven the fraud polling the Clinton Podesta Presstitutes have been engaged in, showing Hillary more popular than the Virgin Mary in a Catholic church by oversampling polling groups. In effect, if you oversample "blacks" at 5% the poll will generate 3 Clinton points.
The polls are rigged and that is the Clinton mystery of being ahead in the polls when no one goes to her rallies and America hates her.

What the Lame Cherry desires though is to weave this oversampling into a rug of corruption in how this is all working, because there is a pattern in this, as the origins in this are John Podesta and Atlas Polling.

If one searches Wikileaks, there are correspondence in those pages, and one finds the money chain funding Atlas fraud polling is Fund For America.

For those who do not know who Fund For America is, this is George Soros election fraud funded attack against the United States of America.

Soros's Fund for America, which Bankrolled ACORN, Bites the ...

We wrote previously about George Soros's Fund for America, a so-called 527 issue-advocacy organization. Apparently it died. As we reported previously in our profile ...
What we are learning is this entire fraud polling was initiated and perfected in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord, against Birther Hussein by the Clinton campaign. This was the genesis of it, and all tracks back to John Podesta in that era and Stan Greenberg polling.

Atlas polling recommendations

What is interesting in this is this was reviewed by some inside the Clinton campaign, and they saw through this is worthless, in who in God's Green Polling would want polling to run your own ads, costing money on oversamples, which did absolutely no good.

The Lame Cherry has the answer for this in another exclusive in matter anti matter, but first read the below email and note that in 2008, the Clinton campaign was floored in it was sent a contract for half a million dollars which was going to be charged to them.

Now who would make such an audacious move as this against Hillary Clinton? The answer follows.

 -Atlas--very little value added on the media side that can't be obtained from a smart media strategist. Not worth $45K a month. (John, need your guidance on the politics of this.) They never pitched us on it. They never really asked us what they could do for us. I unceremoniously was sent a contract with a $450,000 price tag on it. 
 -Polling--cut to small, short tracking polls instead of big statewide surveys. Use cross-battleground polls to refine messaging. This will annoy in-state people. Cost savings are small. Running ads without polling is a bad idea.

Return with the Lame Cherry in 2008 when it was first illegally stalked by the cartel backing the Obama theft of the US elections, in that matter of ACORN, the fraud front set up by the Obama campaign to launder 300 million in counterfeit terror illegal funds through credit cards from the Mideast to fund the Obama campaign (Same leadership which the Obama regime was decapitating in Libya, Syria and Egypt.)

That is what the entire Obama Clinton campaigns were always about, like the Obama stimulus, in these were money laundering or dry cleaning operations. In 2009, Americans got stuck funding that 300 million in fake terror donations by a TARP bailout.

This is what the 2008 Clinton contracts were with ATLAS it appears, in it was a massive money laundering operation, of George Soros looting your 401k's with other nation rapists like Warren Buffett, and then funneling that stolen money into operations like Fund For America, where it was paid out to various front groups for worthless services.

Observe the odd revelation below in the main players are being informed, including sleazy David Brock who is responsible for the Clinton bims who Mr. Trump is going to sue in court for libel, is that Atlas is going to be pissed if the Clinton campaign does not come through with the contract.
Oddly America Votes, FFA and SEIU are mentioned. SEIU is a foreign invader union. and it seems strange that Fund For America would be pissed if Atlas is not hired, as FFA is doing the funding for this. It is odd, unless LIKE THE CLINTON FOUNDATION,  the Hillary Clinton 2008 campaign was nothing but a criminal money laundering operation, to be a front to dump money into subversive groups and fund fraud polling.

RE: Atlas scope of work document

We need to decide what we want to do and I need your support if we decide not to engage since it will probably piss some folks off (Atlas, America Votes, FFA, SEIU). Thanks, Tom

Fund for America contacts John Podesta in 2008 again in this series and lists the over 5 million dollars which they spent in March 2008. You will find that 45,000 dollar payment to ATLAS, and strange XXX recording of a non disclosed amount to the credit card company, American Express.

It is worth noting in this, that after the Obama Super Collapse in 2008, which brought about the Obama Super Depression for 8 years to America and the world, that Obama donors were using credit cards to launder funds, and TARP bailed these credit card companies out from financial peril. Now in this FFA listing to the Clinton campaign, there is a credit card company receiving an undisclosed amount as a partner in whatever is taking place in this redistribution of 5 million dollars in one month to the Soros led subversives in America feeding off of your looted 401k's.

Touching base this AM

This is what I expect our expenses will be in March
- Campaign to Defend America 4,000,000.00
March 3 2,000,000
March 15 2,000,000
 America Votes 500,000.00
Voter Mobilization Groups 500,000.00
The Bonner Group 43,117.95
 SEIU 13,931.24
The Waverly Group 10,050.00
 CAP Action Fund 10,061.00
 Future Strategies (Frank Smith) 12,500.00
ATLAS 45,000.00 
Rob Stein (Feb and March) 16,000.00
Katherine Lister (Feb and March) 9,000.00
American Express XXX 
FFA Legal Reserve Fund 150,000.00
Total $5,309,660.19
Ind $4,159,660.19
 Labor $1,150,000.00

 -- Amy K. Dacey
Executive Director
Fund for America

The oversampling against Donald Trump to produce Hillary Clinton fraud polling leads in all the major media, involved in illegal vote fraud, began in 2008, and it all points to an immense money laundering campaign, in a corruption bigger than Hillary Clinton's ass.

This is the smoking gun in money fraud in the Clinton campaign, and it traces to election fraud and everything that is now the Clinton criminal campaign against America.