Monday, October 24, 2016

Why is Hillary Clinton abusing Bill Clinton?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has exposed exclusively the disrespect and browbeating which William Jefferson Clinton receives from his cartel minders in telling him Chelsea is going to dump his ass out of the Foundation, as "Chelsea is the data girl", and threatening Bill that "he should be grateful". It simply is all twilight zone, as Bill Clinton was the first black president and leader of the free world, but to read what has taken place in the past years, it is like Bill Clinton needs to be intervened for as the geezer foundation he runs, is simply abusing him.

I located this email which is another equally bizarre Clinton family exchange which I simply am stunned by. What you will be reading is Human Abedin and the staff talking about Bill Clinton meeting with Dream Works billionaire owner Jeffrey Katezenbeg who was demanding a fact to face with Bill Clinton.
For those who need a play by play, WJC is William Jefferson Clinton and HRC is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Seriously again, this is Bill Clinton, and he can not even meet with some oligarch, but first has to have it cleared by Hillary Clinton, and for whatever reason Hamrod is reluctant about Bill Clinton talking to another guy........Bill Clinton had his dick sucked by Monica Lewinsky while talking to terrorists PLO Chair Arafat on the sort of is a given that Bill Clinton can handle things more intense than Jeffrey Katzenberg.

What is troubling in this is we have seen how frail Bill Clinton is. His mind at the DNC speech in Philadelphia seems functional, but constantly in these Wikileaks, we are reading of Bill Clinton being abused and being treated like he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

This is important, because Bill Clinton is according to Hamrod, going to be put in charge of the Obama US economy with 100 million not working, a 20 trillion dollar Obama debt, and a TPP which is going to suck America dry.
All of this matters, because Bill Clinton was not at the 3rd Debate. So where was he? More important what is going on in the Clinton emails with Bill Clinton, that it seems everyone whips out their genitals and takes a piss on Bill Clinton as a daily routine.

Seriously again, Hillary Clinton has the power to sign off on whether Bill Clinton talks to someone or not? What the hell kind of marriage is that for a control freak in Hillary Clinton, and her Huma trolls with Chelsea are all in on it.

I realize that the women which Bill Clinton raped or was driven nuts to rape by Hillary Clinton, would like to see old Bill beat with a rubber hose, but Geez Louise, Bill Clinton has been getting the rubber hose to this nuts it looks like by everyone at that Foundation. How utterly humiliating it must be for Bill Clinton to not be able to schedule a meeting, without Hillary giving her OK, and worse yet, she sends in monitors to watch Bill, give him talking points so he does not blurt out some truth.

Is that what is behind this, in Bill Clinton might have pleaded with Katzenberg to save him or smuggle a note out, that Bill is being held hostage by Hillary Clinton and the staff is abusing him?

There is no denying any of these emails, as each one points to a Bill Clinton who is not the Bill Clinton from 25 years ago. Everyone is treating him like dung, he can not talk to people without permission, and he is browbeat all the time, and Hillary Clinton is overseeing it all, and Chelsea is recording it all with a smile.

I am beginning to conclude that when President Trump arrests Hillary Clinton for crimes against America, that the President is going to have to send in SWAT to rescue Bill Clinton from the evil ghouls who are abusing him. Probably could send him down to Laura Bush as George W. certainly is acting a bit off in his Obama hugs and brainless grins. They both could be happy together and at least safe from the Clinton staff.

It is just one more sign in Hillary Clinton. Does America want a wife and mother who treats her husband like an unwanted dog, and makes him bark for a bone, as the kid claps about how the house maid is beating the shit out of the dog with the Washington Post.

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