Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Donald Trump Pays His Taxes


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If you  paid half a million dollars in taxes, would you consider this a small amount? The fact is that is how much New York, California and Florida fines Donald Trump, just like you in property taxes, so that he can sleep in his own bed.

Donald Trump actually does pay taxes - crainsnewyork.com

Here's where Donald Trump actually does pay taxes Property tax bills for the GOP candidate's numerous residences offer a glimpse into what he pays

The above reveals what Mr. Trump pays in property taxes for his homes in various locations. He pays over 175,000 dollars in the Trump's New York apartment, over 190,000 in taxes in Florida, over 111,000 for his home in Beverly Hills and almost a half million in real estate taxes last year. My reason for point this out is to prove what a liar Hillary Clinton is, because property taxes fund your schools and the infrastructure of your cities in EMT, fire and police. Donald Trump is paying for the education of children and the protection of every community he is associated with.

Those are the facts in Donald Trump is paying more than his fair share for all Americans

Every single one of these lying tools of satan owes Donald Trump an apology concerning his taxes. My personal judgment of this man rises with every fact which appears about him. Donald Trump is generous to a fault and there is absolutely no fault in that.