Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Lame Cherry Right Again On Terror Funding


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

ANALGATE: New York Times now proves Lame Cherry right

There is a reality my children that the Obama regime is in criminal trouble over ANALGATE when the New York Times has confirmed the major points of this ...
I am not doing this to brag, but confess the Glory of God, because through Inspiration this blog has from Benghazi in the murder of Americans there, been right about all of the machinations of the Obama Clinton intrigue.

I remember how startled people were when it was posted here that world terrorism was run out of 1600 Penn Avenue years ago. The Lame Cherry laid out how the CIA was using Libyan arms, through Turkey to create "ISIS", training them in Jordan, and in inquiry pointed to two gulf states in Saudi Arabia and Qatar providing logistics and funding.

And today the headline confirms years later:

How Saudi Arabia And Qatar ARE Funding ISIS...


Those are the facts and for the thousands of you who peruse this blog and do not appreciate it in what I deal with and what you owe me, because you would not be saying one tenth of what you are posting if the Lame Cherry had not started spewing everything to tear down the thought police. But what did I get? Preaching from asstards calling me profane and not to be so profane so these holier than thous could share it with their virginal daughters.
The Lame Cherry is not a pulpit. This is the literal war for the saving of the Western and Eastern peoples and this is where it is fought out with all of the profanity and disgusting things, so all of you can sit behind your screens pretending you are patriots and like that Mike Cernovich who was saying Mr. Trump did not win the first debate, when Mr. Trump did, and was busy attacking those who proved Mr. Trump won.


When I was moved to do this in 2008, I was attacked by the experts. I had my emails monitored by the Obama regime on Yahoo and censored like most of the Larry Sinclair group who were fighting there like they were for Terri Schiavo previously. We were hacked, threatened and the FBI refused any protection.

That is the foundation of all of this, which the children now are tweeting about and lecturing as if they understand any of this. We took the beach on the Birther issue, and I never gave ground. Our small group broke into the hedgerows saying things, writing things and progressing things, which became the Tea Party and which is now this group who are riding on Donald Trumps coat tails as if they could stand without his protection.
Remember that in who Donald Trump is. Remember that when you think you can give the sermon on the mount and lay down the law. Try it sometime when it is the Clinton regime and it is just you facing it down. Try it when the Lame Cherry and the few others who stood their ground was facing everyone from the Obama regime to the Mockingbird trying to shut us up, with attempts on our lives, while you couldn't find your ass with both hands, because over a decade ago the only things you were interested in was MTV.

Everyone of you has to get something right, and that is you keep your mouth shut about things that would impede or hurt Donald Trump. You say something only if it helps Donald Trump, as this is not about your spot on the stage which none of you earned. This is about the chance by God to repair the broken walls for America, not for peace as that only comes with Christ, but so America will not be wiped out in the wars which are coming.

All of you think this is  a damn game, and this is easy, because God makes it look fun and makes things look easy, when this is a tight rope I walk daily, because I have absolutely no choice in this. You get to recreate and be informed at your choosing to come here. I have to come here and work.
I get rest in the next life, what you get is what you are creating now.

I will obey what God directs, but I heard Tex Marrs on Jeff Rense talking about if Donald Trump has this stolen from him, how Mr. Marrs is going to keep fighting no matter the perils. I stated before God moved me to this last chance for America in defeating Jeb Bush, then Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton, that was my objective. I stated that I was not going to be around propping up a regime of those people in their lies, and I will not be endangering myself or receiving more interviews so I can die for my country while the rich live in luxury.
Jesus is my Lord and I will serve Him in waiting for His return. Hillary Clinton and Homeland Security can rule the world, start their Putin nuclear wars and have at it, because this world is not my fight and if they steal this, it is their world  as I have no part in it.

I consider in this lapse how this blog by God's Grace has changed the entire conversation literally, and no one knows it, which is how it should be. It though was yesterday's battle and now I have the push to complete the election of Donald Trump as President.

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in mater anti matter. The CIA in Australia, Part 1 - Serendipity. ... and funded by Big Qatar and Big Saud for the Obama regime, ...

Each of you THINK about things in more than a few moments as your undisciplined minds wander in a few seconds, about the fact that the cartel which set up terror syndicates in Europe, Asia and the Mideast, have now established the foundation inside America, and that is what is coming. Does your primping on Facebook or preening on Twitter compare to a few moments of grabbing the light, or should you be thinking that your every action is to keep America at peace and stable.

It is the latter.