Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Forensic Economist

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I noticed people were stealing our stuff again and reposting it not so uncleverly onto various con shrub or alt right sites, I am reposting this Lame Cherry Economic Law of the Economic Balance of Nations for those who care about such wonk stuff for reposting, as this is exclusive as all things are here, and the following was hidden away in another post, but it is important enough in the fact that people like Einstein or Friedman have policies named after them for such teachings and revelations.

The following explains why Obama "economic expansion" has been a disaster for America and the world, and it requires the public being educated, as no one else will do the job, so that they stop being taken advantage of.

There is a reality which needs to be faced in ANY Economy that it must expand, and as a Lame Cherry exclusive this will be explained for the first time as no one has ever touched this.

Think about it this way. When prices are going up at 10 percent a year, and you are getting a 1% raise, are you keeping ahead of your bills as what you are living now? If you have a business or the costs of your going to work, at 1% can you afford a new car, work clothes, lunchtime dining out, or replacement equipment if all you are investing in your business is 1% when it requires 15% a year to just keep things from falling apart?

Call this the Lame Cherry Economic Balance of Nations, and I will expand upon this, as this has never been dealt with in Keynesian Economic managed misery which is what Clinton and Obama have imprisoned everyone to in poverty.
The US economy or any economy can not operate at Obama 1% "growth" as everyone is being lied to. No economy can survive if it is operating at 3% or under, because that is not an expansion, but is only a stagnation, a treading of water, a reality of you not having enough to deal with life in retirement, Obamacare, inflation, when your wages are not keeping pace with the reality of costs of living.
A national economy is exactly like your economic situation, in it MUST expands at, at least 4% and above as in the Reagan era, in order to produce the necessary upkeep on infrastructure like roads, airports, bridges, schools etc... That is why everything is falling apart in America. Under Clinton, Bush and Obama there never was an economic expansion, but only a managed misery of a languishing economy, which could not keep up with what the Citizen depends on in protection and roads for their communities.

The Obama economy at .9% is not an expansion, but a controlled implosion of every American's finances, because that kind of stagnation erodes everything an American has worked for, as Gary Hart was correct in stating these Americans not unemployed, but Americans who want to work, but are being deprived of jobs, and that is what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are enslaving the American working class to, by this negative growth, because without 4% economic growth each year, a nation is imploding economically, and all that takes place is robbing the Citizen by low interest rates for the oligarchs taking their money and inflating their Wall Street stocks, which is not an economy at all, but has a legal definition of piracy and the grande theft.

When a people build a nation, that means roads to conduct commerce on for jobs and a military to protect  that commerce, and that requires 4% or above growth to service that maintenance or that nation crumbles to Obama Clinton rubble of riots in the streets of Black Lives Matter.

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