Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Right of Terrorism


Tom Daschle endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton got a valuable South Dakota endorsement Tuesday from Sen. Tom Daschle.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry was pondering a reality of how Americans and the law enforcement in the country have it wrong about terrorism, considering the evidence which has been brought before us for a generation now. For it is not that our leaders will not call terrorism  "terrorism", it is the fact that terrorism is a right like sodomy in the mind of an Obama.

Look at the evidence in this as it began with democrat Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschle in his protection of burning the American Flag.
Consider the legal reality of this, in democrats legislated this as a matter of free speech, in the same way the Obama regime made Obamacare a tax issue, in order to progress it. Flag Burning is an act of arson and war against a nation, and yet to Tom Daschle, it was defined as protected free speech.


Tom Daschle on Civil Rights - On The Issues

Tom Daschle on Civil Rights ... Voted NO on Amendment to prohibit flag burning. ... Your right to due process ...

This same pattern of the right of terrorism followed on 9 11 when Tom Daschle proclaimed that this attack on America was judgment from God against America, exactly as the terrorists had cited.

Monday Freak Out - Tom Daschle and John Edwards Proclaim ...

... Tom Daschle and John Edwards Proclaim Judgement ... and Tom Daschle in response to America ... Unknowing New Yorkers have made it a symbol of 9-11 and is ...

So one must understand in the constant litany of Obama regime quotes on Fort Hood to being a work related event, and New York city Islamic bombings being a matter to be studied, that everything Tom Dashcle began, the Clinton's embraced and image Obama protected is a right to terror as a Constitutional right protected as free speech, for there is not any difference in Obama legalities from fire to an American flag, fire from an American gun or fire from an American pressure cooker

This is not a lone Obama regime. Bill Clinton pardoned Puerto Rican terrorists for Hillary Clinton's votes as a New York senator. It is a constant in democrat leadership that there is a right to terrorism from Black Lives Matter to FALN in Puerto Rico.

RealClearPolitics - Articles - Hillary, Terrorism and the FALN

There is a glaring bit of hypocrisy in Clinton's dismay. In 1999, her husband offered pardons to 16 unrepentant members of a fringe Puerto Rican terrorist ...

It is a fact that from the top to the bottom in the democratic party, which had Birther Obama calling Sarah Palin the "lipstick on a pig", which led to a series of political rapes in America, to escalate to constant headlines of Trump supporters attacked, that terrorism is not terrorism, but a right of the First Amendment for leftists.

Richmond mayoral candidate: Trump deserves to die, supporters ...

Mike Dickinson, a candidate for mayor of Richmond, Virginia, says Donald Trump deserves to die and his supporters should be beaten.

Granted if one is a Mormon like LaVoy Finicum, exercising his Constitutional rights to peaceful assembly and the right to only be arrested with a warrant as is the law, but was instead murdered in Oregon and handcuffed while dead, as the Bundy group is now in prison too, their non violent activity is deemed terrorism as ranchers with cows are deemed terrorists, but place explosive devices in New York and New Jersey, and the ACLU appears in this Obama understanding that indeed people have the right to terrorize.

ACLU steps up to represent Chelsea bombing suspect Rahami

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey filed an appearance to represent accused Chelsea bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami in New ... New York City ...

One of the grandest examples of the right to terrorize is Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, with her infamous "We came, we saw, he died", statement to the media on the murder of Colonel Khadaffi, the leader of Libya.

Clinton on Qaddafi: "We came, we saw, he died" - CBS News

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton jokes with reporter after hearing initial, ... Clinton on Qaddafi: We came, we saw, he died. Speaking between network interviews, ...

This blog received ginsu challenges from pseudo intellectuals on Facebook calling the murders in Libya a natural law, but the fact is the Lame Cherry has been proven absolutely correct in Hillary Clinton did not say  Libyans but WE as in the Obama regime was behind the murder of Colonel Khadaffi.

For those unfamiliar with this event, Colonel Khadaffi had a civil war initiated against him by George Soros and Barack Obama to get Libyan oil. Colonel Khadaffi was in company of 50 of his loyalists and had received confirmation from Obama Clinton, that he could surrender and receive safe passage.
Instead, it was a set up, where Colonel Khadaffi was beaten, castrated, sodomized and had his brain blown out on life footage, and then his body was put on display. This was a most reprehensible act of international terrorism carried out by Hillary Clinton, and yet even confessing it on television, laughing about the brutality of it, the FBI took no action against her in this terrorism, any more than they did in Emailgate which was a farce investigation too meant as a cover up.

So without a John Roberts Supreme Court mandate of Obama Clinton actions, there has been implemented into American law and policy, the right of terrorism. That is why it is not termed terrorism and why terrorists are delayed prosecutions or handed pardons, because this is a right of their free speech and protest.

Of course it makes absolutely no sense to normal people, because Blacks being shot by the regime in Chicago are not classified, but Whites in Oregon are classed as terrorists, but when it comes to image Obama, Hillary Clinton or these terrorists all engaged in much worse acts of terrorism, there are no charges brought, which again is proof in America and Europe, there is now  a legal right to terrorism.

It is time this was understood and the deadly silence protecting this reality is exposed for all to understand, because denying it, has only produced a reality of what was once flag burning is now burning powder to murder Americans.