Thursday, October 20, 2016

Her Hamrod Highness, in apology

Lord and Lady Rothschild and their pet clintons

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We begin this with noting how absolutely fetching Lord and Lady Rothschild are. They just make one appreciate being the cloth of the land and their cropping us as wool for their looms, as that is what the master does, as we have a purpose like trees and insects, to cover the land and to provide amusement to the immortals.

There is something in this though that even the mutton bleats in disdane about, as our rulers should have everything pristine. I mean it is one thing for us to be worthy of genocide in our imperfections, but how can the flock look over their paddock at the manacured Rothschild estates, and then observe Hillary Clinton taking a shit on the lawn and using the azalea bushes to wipe her ass, as Lady Rothschild's just washed poochies amble along to sniff at such leavings.

It simply is something which is not appropriate for the lords and ladies to associate themselves with.

“You are the best […] Sweet dreams,” “I remain your loyal adoring pal."

- Hillary Clinton to Lady Rothschild

Pal???? One does not address your masters as "pal"!!! Lady Rothschild has allowed far too much familiarity to be involved in this sick old Hillary association.

I mean just because Hillary Clinton sucked Yoko Ono's japper snatch is no reason for someone as elegant as Lady Rothschild to keep the old twat around. After all it is like, keeping your flea infested old Yorkie around, just because it once sniffed Prince Charles crotch. It is an amusing anecdote for the lords and ladies, but you hardly want the plague carrier sitting in the parlor sticking that nose in your cupcake.

The issue in this is Dame Hamrod Clinton in her Wikileaks having the audacity to email Lady Rothschild. Again SERIOUSLY, this is Lady Rothschild. One does not email Lady Rothschild if one is the beast of burden, it is like the mule neighing in the window. The liberty Hamrod Clinton exhibits is just embarrassing. Yes we all thing the chimp is amusing behind the bars eating the banana, but the chimp hardly is accepted in sending out notes about bananas to the other primates.


In this, Hamrod had stolen one of the lawn furniture of the Rothschilds in Tony Blair for her own use. In doing this Hamrod did not gain permission, but instead had the audacity to send a note to her master in Lady Rothschild offering penance.

Seriously again, what is the old Yorkie going to do in making up in running away with Lady Rothschild's mink slippers? Return them after use, and say, "Here is your sloppy seconds?"

Yes and that is what Hillary Clinton did, and it is simply embarrassing, that Hamrod would run off with Lady Rothschild's property, bark about it, and then invade Lady Rothschild's presence with a note, and offer penance for her dog poo sins.

Seriously, how gouche can one be, but a Clinton?

In this, Lady Rothschild must be offered up pretty pets to replace Hillary Clinton, as it simply is not acceptable to have a yapping, snapping, napping old dying dog like this who does not know it's place and simply makes even the mutton cringe. It is like the farm animals on Animal Farm watching the pigs sit at the table with the humans, and it gets so bad that after awhile the mutton can not tell the stock from the lords.

In this, I could not suggest who the Rothschilds should replace the Clinton cadre with, but seriously there are other choices than dog poo Hamrod and Dog doo doo Chelea as the excrement apparent.

One must understand that Hillary Rodham Clinton is a butch who keeps pansy boy Barack Obama waiting at the United Nations, as she greats world leaders, keeps the Obama boy standing around inside, as Hillary is fashionably late for her entrance, because the Nigger is waiting on Hillary and Hillary does not wait upon the Nigger.

Perhaps Lady Rothschild could have the Chinese make appropriate shock collars, diamond studded of course, to differentiate the animals from the lords and ladies, and to jolt the pets to remind them their place, as once one starts posing with their pets, some pets start thinking they belong in the picture.

as one just never knows what will appear in being too familiar
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