Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton carves off America to Bribe Al Gore

 Fat and Fatter
Sick and Sicker
Old and Older
Gore and Goriest 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you recall a week ago, there was fat old Al Gore with fat old sick Hillary Clinton, on the same Florida stage?

Hillary Clinton, Al Gore Hold Florida Climate-Change Rally

Vice President Al Gore praised Hillary Clinton's credentials on climate change at a Florida rally Tuesday.

Ever ask yourself why Al Gore was with Hillary Clinton? After you read the Wikileaks emails below, perhaps you will begin asking, "Just what did Hillary Clinton promise Al Gore, because Al Gore HATES Hillary Clinton with a venom."

I have the original Wikileaks email below, but desire you to read this gossip as it started, as Al Gore really had the Clinton camp dancing in this exchange.

It starts out with a stooge mailing Cheryl Mills about Gore, in Hillary Clinton's criminal gatekeeper.

Huma Abedin immediately jumps on this email with her own.

 Yes he warned us

John Podesta immediately jumps like the Don of the Mafia has appeared and wants to know what kind of threat Al Gore had sent in dead horse head deliveries.

Huma Abedin then answers with:

Cheryl Mills then drops her insider knowledge:

 curiuos - why?  as he clearly expected her to endorse him as vp when he ran

Oh, so that is it, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton did not endorse Al Gore, because they wanted fellow GOP neocon George Bush to win in 2000, and if W was to win or brother Jeb, then it would be Hillary easily winning in 2008.
Hillary Clinton stabbed Al Gore in the back.

Next comes Huma weighing in again with the history of it all.

well that was 16 years ago. hard to put on email but there is no love lost in this relationship. reminder that he also refused to endorse in 2008!!!

So Huma knows with pillow talk from Hillary Clinton, that this feud has been festering for 16 years. Huma Abedin can not explain all the gory details, but the fact is Hillary and Al Gore hate each other, and Gore screwed Hillary over in 2008 in payback to HRC's treachery.

So now you know that this has been festering with Al Gore for 16 years. Yet Al Gore now appears with Hillary Clinton in Florida, looking like the fat old bloated beach fish he is.

What did Hillary Clinton promise Al Gore for this quid pro quo?

Inquiry points to Hillary Clinton is going to have Al Gore appointed to lead the United Nation's Climate Change as a sort of Storm Trooper Climate Dictator.

It is just one more of the criminal trades of Hillary Clinton in bargaining America away for Hillary's gain. Again though it is something we would not know, if Huma Abedin had some self control in keeping her fingers quiet. This Huma simply does not shut up in emails in revealing damning things in the most emotional way.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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