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Hillary Clinton's Sicilian Criminal Connection

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The degrees of separation in the reality of Hillary Clinton and crime is one which we really do not have any perception of, because the police state is engaged in covering up Mrs. Clinton's crimes. For example, let us look at Wikileaks, in one of the strange emails found in John Podesta's files in  a message from KMBT_C550.

Message from KMBT_C550

--KONICA_MINOLTA_Internet_Fax_Boundary Content-Type: application/pdf; name="SKMBT_C55009061713530.pdf" Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="SKMBT_C55009061713530.pdf" Content-Transfer-Encoding: BASE64 JVBERi0xLjQKMSAwIG9iago8PC9UeXBlIC9YT2JqZWN0Ci9TdWJ0eXBlIC9JbWFnZQovTmFt ZSAvSkkxYQovV2lkdGggMTcwMAovSGVpZ2h0IDIyMDAKL0JpdHNQZXJDb21wb25lbnQgOAov Q29sb3JTcGFjZSAvRGV2aWNl............
If one looks at this email it is bizarre as it is all codex. If one downloads the file which it is, it is a PDF file and one ascertains that  KMBT_C550 is a Konica Minolta fax from John Podesta's lobby firm.

Now what would be so vital that the fax machine at Podesta Group would be emailing John Podesta at his private Google mailbox where numbers of his Clinton emails appear?

Why it is a Financial Times article about Modica Sicily.

See that is the bizarre part in this, in why would John Podesta be creating a PDF file which requires a program to open it to himself, in what was so interesting about Sicily?

It seems odd that a man like Podesta who wants a revolution in the Vatican like Libya, would care about historical sites in a religious area like Sicily, so what on earth could John Podesta be interested enough to email an article to himself for?

Running a search on this, we find no connection between John Podesta or Hillary Clinton in Sicily. Something interesting does come up though from Michael Isikoff, one of the last investigative journalists alive, in he was exposing the Clinton Muslim connection for brutality in the Mideast.

Michael Isikoff
Chief Investigative Correspondent

In reading the article, we discover from the beginning that a two families who have been bankrolling the Clinton Foundation and are bagmen for the Clintons are joined at the him in this, in none other than the Saud Royals and Podesta family in their lobbying firm.

The Saudi government, under increasing criticism over civilian casualties from its airstrikes in Yemen and a harsh crackdown on political dissidents at home, has just hired a powerhouse Washington, D.C., lobbying firm headed by a top Hillary Clinton fundraiser — an arrangement that critics charge raises fresh questions about the influence that foreign government lobbyists could have on her campaign.
The Saudi contract with the Podesta Group, owned by veteran Washington lobbyist and Clinton campaign bundler Tony Podesta, calls for the firm to provide “public relations” and other services on behalf of the royal court of King Salman.
It included an initial “project fee” payment of $200,000 last month and unspecified further sums over the course of the next year, according to documents recently filed with the Justice Department Foreign Agents Registration Act office.

Hillary moneyman highlights new Saudi connection - Yahoo

Hillary Clinton and Saudi ... work of the firm," Podesta said when reached by Yahoo News on his cellphone while he was dining at a restaurant in Sicily.

But this becomes more interesting as where did Isikoff track down Tony Podesta at? Why at the very island where brother John was researching just a few years previous in emailing PDF files to himself.

But Tony Podesta, while calling himself “a proud Clinton bundler,” vigorously denied that the Saudi contract had anything to do with his efforts to elect her president. “I’ve never had a conversation with Hillary Clinton or anybody in the campaign about the work of the firm,” Podesta said when reached by Yahoo News on his cellphone while he was dining at a restaurant in Sicily. “We represent a dozen foreign governments around the world — we do good work for them. And it has nothing to do with the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

So the proud Clinton bundlers and handlers, are not only in bed with Vladimir Putin and Saudi Muslims, but are researching Sicily and making phone calls from there. But what on earth could ever be of importance in Sicily?

 Here is a clue:

The Lampedusa route operates under different circumstances — it mostly carries a different kind of migrant — yet needs no less of an EU commitment than the Balkan route. Possibly, it needs a greater one. 

Lampedusa is one of three major Islamic invasion routes into Europe. Turkey is one, the Balkans are another and the 3rd is Lampedusa, a small Italian island, which is the jump off point to, Porto Empedocle, which is Sicily.

In searching a bit more, we find that John Podesta of the Bill and Hillary Clinton years in the 1990's was part of the stealing of Serbian Christian lands for Muslims in Kosovo, which was about an oil pipeline and Saudi Arabia having a Muslim invasion point into Europe.......and Podesta is still attached to Kosovo Islam, and now it is the Clinton Foundation tied to human organ harvesting.

Clinton Foundation Tied To Suspected Human Organ Trafficker ...

Podesta Group's relationship with Kosovo and other foreign governments is mentioned in the Wikileaks dump of John Podesta's hacked emails.

The things do get interesting do they not? The Turkish and Balkan invasion points for Islam from Africa are closing down, but for some reason Sicily is still wide open as an invasion point form Libya.

Now who was it that blew up Libya and laughed about Colonel  Khadaffi being raped, castrated and murdered? Oh that is right, it was Hillary Clinton, and her George Soros is the one who started the murder there by conning Khadaffi to open his prisons and let terrorists free for humanitarian reasons.

Clinton's role in Libyan intervention praised by Podesta ...

A top Hillary Clinton campaign official on Sunday praised the former secretary of state's involvement in the controversial 2011 Libyan intervention, even as the ...

So what are the odds that in all things Clinton Foundation, that Secretary Hillary Clinton obtained a Saudi donation....which she did, and this was all about the invasion of Europe for Islam, expanding on the Kosovo campaign of the Clinton's in the 1990's?
That the Saudis who hired the Podesta Group, had them scouting Sicily as an invasion point? That Hillary Clinton blew up Libya as the human traffic point in the murder of Khadaffi?

Starting to make a great deal more sense in what your US tax  dollars and Soldiers have been anal raped to death for in Chris Stevens and other Americans?

But it gets better yet, as who did the Podesta Group hire?

Stefano Stefanini was permanent representative of Italy at NATO and diplomatic adviser to former Italian President Giorgio Napolitano. He is currently a senior adviser to the Podesta Group and non-resident senior fellow of the Brent Scowcroft Center for International Security at the Atlantic Council, Washington.

Nothing like hiring the Italian insider to NATO and the Italian Government to work for you, and why not tie it all in with the Bush fam in Brent Scowcroft in this Neocon heads it is Bush and tails it is Clinton coin.

Now did John Podesta just fax himself from his Podesta Group an odd email about Sicily, where his brother later appeared, after his clients Hillary Clinton and the Saudi Royals were paying him, about a vacation he never took, or was this all something more nefarious as everything involving the Clinton's is?

We do not know because Hillary Clinton has James Comey tied to the Clinton Foundation, and the number 2 at FBI's wife was floated a payment of almost a half a million dollars for a political campaign or perhaps that is all coincidence too.

It is typical though with Hillary Clinton and those around her, as simply typing in Sicily, soon enough has you finding all the links to Muslim invasion, terror oil money, Obama regime change in Muslim lands, and the Podestas interested in on little island which is the human shipping point of Islamic dregs out of Africa.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. See the Wikileaks hold in them numerous clues to the crimes of Hillary Clinton, but researchers are missing the bulk of them, because they see an obscure dot, and are not taking the time to find what that dot is connected to, to form a complete pattern over decades, which is now the murderous upheaval of America and the world.

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