Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton: The Damaged Goods

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Just a few questions for you or ya, as we might as well talk Yank as this is a Yank subject.

So I make you President ok. Like President who dumps their load at 1600 Penn Avenue kind of President.

Pretty cool eh? Sorry a little Canadian slipped in.

So you are President and here is your job description:

  • 100 million unemployed, furious, armed Americans know you stole it.
  • The FBI is going to investigate you until you are toe tag
  • The Republicans are going to impeach you for good politics
  • The Russians who are good at the game are going to game you.
  • The Chicoms who are good at the game are going to game you.
  • The Muslims you gamed are going to game you.

Now here is the question for you Madam President, how it crooked you going to rule?

Come on now how are you going to rule? How are you going to convince Americans to submit to your taxes, your gun control and your wars against Putin?
Speaking of the Putes, how's that going to work out for you with NATO, when all of your buds are weighing how long before your neck goes through the noose?

How about this, you got your oligarchs, you know like Ted Cruz had oligarchs, and suddenly Ted Cruz was damaged goods and got dumped. How long before all of your cover in your oligarchs figure on trading up....before the election as sticking with you looks like bad business.

This is the point in all of this, in how does Hillary Clinton get her globalist agenda through? How did it all work out for Hamrod this far in having all the cards on the board and in her pockets dealing from the bottom of the deck?

FBI investigations reopened
Bernie Sanders voters dumping her
image Obama fleeing old Hamrod
Huma blackmail Obama and Hamrod

Yes not so good there, especially since all the historical good will touchy feely stuff was all used up on Birther Hussein and all you are left with in sloppy seconds.

OK, so let us review a few realities for your rule.

Oil prices are about to spike again
That means inflation on all things
Mean the green card invaders are going to be laid off too
Means the Obama Super Depression is about to go triple dip
Means you got a war coming
Means you got Trump voters who hate you
Means you got Bernie voters who hate you
Means you got Green voters who hate you
Lotta hate means you are popular for a new resistance where people get creative in not supporting your regime.

Sure the oligarchs for Clinton want to render the American corpse to tankage, but the majority of people with brains start thinking none of this is what they really want.

It cements the idea that Hillary Clinton can not govern nor rule. Too many people blackmailing her, too many in the mob just going uncooperative.

Even replacing sick old Hillary with sick old Tim Kaine, does not have the guilt or sympathy factor when the majority is celebrating the toe tag, and losing those who are sucking on Hillary's old saggy tits and telling them to suck on Tim's manboobs is not attractive.

It comes to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton can not rule. She is damaged goods.