Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Luxury of Blaming Guns

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Money makes people stupid.
Money makes people think their is always a buy to fix their faults.
Rich people for the most part are stupid people.

The above comes from listening to Tom Gresham on Gun Talk, because Mr. Gresham is a rich person who talks about buying guns, shoot up quantities of ammo, and recently went on a trip to Michigan, where he took along his dad's, Winchester Model 21 in 16 gauge, with a hacked off and re glued stock for woodcock and grouse hunting, as he was really going to some "gun fitter" to measure Tom and make certain Tom had a gun which would fit him, because as Tom missed the two shots he fired, it had to do with Tom needed a gun to fit him as Tom was not pointing in the right place, and if Tom had a gun that fit him, then of course he would be hitting what he aimed at.

As I stated above, you can tell a rich person anything and they will believe it, as long as it involves money and buying something to fix their faults.

Here is the reality of two gunners.

My Grandfather literally was the best shot ever with shotgun or rifle. He NEVER missed, because missing meant you starved.
He told me once very aggitated about the first time saw geese, and now he was riding on the sideboard of a car which drove them out to the geese, and Grampa was grousing about not hitting every shot, because the car's driver was bouncing him around so much.

For those who missed the moral of this story, my Grandpa was on a moving vehicle, being thrown around, so that 10 out of 10 people would have not hit anything, but he still brought birds down with that impossible situation, but was angry he had missed, because he never missed.

Grampa had two guns. He had a Marlin pump action shotgun, which he shot the barrel out of, so you know how much he hunted, and a Savage 99 in 22 Hi Power.
My dad hated that Savage as they hauled hay in winter with horses and would shoot jackrabbits for their skins, and as dad said, "Grampa never missed, so I always had to trudge out through the snow and get those rabbits".

Grampa always preached one thing in hunting and shooting, and that was get one gun and then get one load, and stay with it, or you would miss, because different loads shoot differently.

Subject two is fittingly named Tom, as in Tom Gresham is named, but this Tom is my idiot brother in law.
Tom likes to pretend he is manly because he hunts. The fact is he might hunt, but he can not hit a bull in the ass with a scoop shovel.
He started out with a Remington Model 870 and was a piss poor shot. So a gun guru had him measured and said, "Oh no wonder you can't hit anything as that gun does not fit you at all", no matter that the 870 fits millions of shooters the same size, but with that off traded the 870, and out came a very expensive Beretta shotgun......which he can not still hit a bull in the ass with a scoop with.

Some people are good shots and some people are piss poor shots. You can turn a good shot into an excellent shot and turn a poor shot into a pretty good shot with practice, but unless you have pygmy arms and are shooting a normal sized gun, you do not need a custom fitted firearm, because there is a little secret God made about people, in humans are flexible and guns are not....the human can naturally stretch and learn to mould themselves to a gun, and all it takes is practice to becoming familiar with it.

The first gun I shot was a borrowed Model 12 Winchester. It had a lace on recoil pad, was too long that my little arms could not close it, so when I fired, the magazine would blow open, but grassing ducks on the slough in teaching me to shoot, I started learning to point a gun.
When I was a senior in High School, on graduation I used the gift money people sent me to buy an 870 Winchester, which is a muzzle heavy beast, but I learned to shoot that gun and I do very well with it.
To make life interesting I have Chic, a Chicopee Falls non brand, over 100 years old trench warfare type gun, which makes shooting difficult so I hunt with that when I want a challenge. It is a favorite of mine as it smells of tobacco, old powder, oil and blood, and it's color is ancient, and it sometimes does not go off, but no gun should just be thrown away as this one was for 17 dollars, as it brings me joy to shoot.

When I miss on occasion, it is my fault 99% of the time. Sometimes it is the load, but I am the problem not the gun. So when I hear Tom Gresham who has more guns than hair on his head for folicals, it is Tom Greshams fault for taking guns he is not practiced enough with hunting and then blaming the gun.

Sure it is fun to be rich......well I have never been rich, but I am sure it is to sit around and buy 4000 dollar a bottle gold based nail polish or for Tom Gresham to go to the gun salon, have a man running tapes over your body and telling you the things you want to hear, that life is not your fault, but the guns.......because everyone likes to be pampered. Some people can just afford it and find reasons to spend the money to indulge themselves, but the fact is that this nonsense about guns not fitting, was dreamed up by bad gun makers, who did not want to have the King chop their head off for the King missing, so they blamed the gun and then pampered the King and assured him that the custom fit gun would have him hitting everything.
Never mind that the bad shooter is still missing, but at least now he is content in he has this expensive pacifier as missing no longer matters.

I would love to be rich enough to buy guns up the ass like Tom Gresham. I do envy that blessing, because I would have walls crammed full of firearms, as I find nothing as pretty as wood and steel in that art form. I love shotguns immensely, especially older models which are far too used, but the gun I am forced to shoot most for varmit work is a 22 Stevens in a 3 in 1, which I never miss with, as it was the last one left around my dad's and I picked it up, started to hit with it, and still use it, because it has sights I react Euclidian to.

So if you want to hit what you are shooting at, pick up some firearms at the store, or your friend's house, and see what feels right to you. Do not listen to what anyone says, just let your body tell you what you feel comfortable with, and then you take it home and you practice with it so you start hitting things with it, whether on targets or clay pigeons.

I have a story in this about handguns too, even if I have never had a store of them.

I once had a Smith & Wesson 22 revolver, which was a beautiful gun, that I was allowed to try out in my youth. It was whippy though in being light and I had problems keeping things in 4 inches at shooting distances. Not my idea of a gun to shoot skunks in the head.

Recently in the gun store, I was talking to the clerk and he was showing me a Chiappa 22 semi automatic, which he had purchased and liked. He had been breaking it in with his son in weekend shooting.
These Chiappas are cheap, like 400 dollars cheaper than the American European price gougers.
So I picked up a John Wayne six gun that Chiappa makes. It was heavy like a club, but I noticed something immediately in the thing stayed where I pointed it.

Now the world if full of Smith & Wessons as they are well made guns, but they do not aim in revolvers effectively. Colonel Sam Colt made a design in the 1800's which does point and behave because it is balanced correctly.
See no one likes cowboy guns, because you load them one shell at a time, and they are slow, but he reality is, they aim and with less practice people can hit with them.

That Chiappa does not fit my hand, is not sleak, but it behaves in my hand best, but would be laughed off the range in the rich people spouting off about trigger pull and other such things they have the luxury to afford.

Most of us are never going to be Wild Bill or Annie Oakley in being savants at shooting. All of us though if we practice a little, will be good enough shots to do what matters in not shooting ourselves, our pets, our family or objects which guns go off at when idiots have them.

It all comes down to, when it comes to misses, it is not the guns fault 10 out of 10 times in not fitting you, it is your fault in thinking you are Roy Rogers or Elmer Keith, in not practicing.
If you are rich, you have the luxury to have people take your money in blaming the gun for your being a piss poor shot. If you are poor like me, you bear down harder and learn to shoot what the gun is in your hands as you can not afford another one at the store.