Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton: The Mother of all Rapes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What is rape?

The definitions include an oil seed called canola, forcing a woman to have sex against her will, the plundering of a nation, so what is rape?

Is it rape for a woman, whose husband committed suicide to be kissed, fondled and grabbed by the President in the White House? Is it rape when strangers approach her and speak of her dead pet, her tires being slashed, her home being broken into to intimidate here as in Kathleen Willey's contact with the Clintons?

Is it rape when a nurse is pushed down on a bed and forced to have sex by Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas and he bites her lip drawing blood?

Is it rape when a Miss America in Elizabeth Ward is forced to submit to sex by Governor Bill Clinton in a limo and then is offered a job to keep quiet?

Is it rape when Gennifer Flowers falls in love with a charming Bill Clinton, and then Hillary and Bill Clinton smear her as a bimbo when the story comes out?

Is it rape when a hotel employee named Paula Jones is taken by Arkansas State Police to a hotel room to meet Governor Bill Clinton and he pulls his pants down and shows her his penis, and then the Clinton regime puts out a talking point of dragging a five dollar bill through a trailer park and you can never tell what will come out?

Is it rape when Bill Clinton is forced to apologize to Paula Jones for smearing her and paying her hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Is it rape when Hillary Clinton looks under female employee dresses as she walks by and orders them to wear underwear while sitting at their desks?

Is it rape when Hillary Clinton employs Huma Abedin, who is never home for her husband and he seeks attention to validate his manhood, while Hillary is having lesbian sex with the man's wife?

Is it rape when Hillary Clinton belittles and degrades Bill Clinton and he is triggered to go out and conquer women to validate his low self esteem?

What is rape?

Is it rape when you are undressed by a Muslim or Mexican in a check out line?

Is it rape when a boss touches you and advances the careers of people who are attractive?

Is it rape when Hillary Clinton oversaw the division of Serbia for Muslims in Kosovo?

Is it rape when Hillary Clinton oversaw the butcher of Colonel Khadaffi and his supporters and she laughed about it?

Is it rape when Bill Clinton travels often on a pedophile's plane to the West Indies where pedophile encounters are taking place with young girls?

Is it rape when Hillary Clinton oversees the mass murder of her Obama Syrian war of 400,000 Syrians?

Is it rape when Lara Logan of CBS news is fingered by numbers of Obama Muslims in Egyptian rallies to overthrown that Govenment?

Is it rape when Hillary Clinton oversees a Muslim man in President Mubarak of Egypt placed into an iron cage for trial?

Is it rape in every debate that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are forced into, that they are subjected to cheating, smears and gang attacks by the moderators?

There used to be an era when people understood what rape was. It was a crop in a field. It was an a marauding terrorist army like the Sioux Indians robbing, kidnapping and murdering the White Citizens. It was the forcing of Dinah in the Bible to have sex by a king's son.

Somewhere in the Bill and Hillary Clinton era that all changed. Abusing women became a political tactic. Pushing children's rights to emancipate them, so they could be molested became a civil action. It degraded to Obama calling Sarah Palin a pig with lipstick. It became a ruthless misogynistic of political attacks ruining Conservative women by people like Karl Rove and Hillary Clinton. And now, it is the condoned assaults of all sorts from spying by the NSA, Homeland interviews, Facebook tracking, Twitter bans, and the organized trashing of Donald Trump supporters and their physical beating, by the Hillary Clinton rapists set loose not just in America, but around the world where rape in it's sexual intimidation is now once again a tool to subject Western peoples to Muslim and Jesuit hordes imported by Obama and Clinton.
.....all the while Donald Trump is viciously prodded and abused for months in a sadistic and deliberate wager of power.

That is what you must understand in rape in all forms is not about sex. It is about the most cowardly and fearful people attacking others with violence of all sorts to intimidate them, and when it involves sex, it is meant to humiliate, whether it is the Clinton campaign focusing on Melania and Ivanka Trump to get at Donald Trump to make him "react to a Hillary trap" which liberals glow over reciting as if this were not something heinous, or it is Hillary Clinton expanding the Obama rape cock to America, which is designed on old psychological methods that an invading army rapes a people into submission by breaking their will, as Stalin had Russians unleashed in Germany in World War II.

We are faced with in this Clinton era a number of dimensions of rape. We are raped in our senses when we are lied to that the US economy is growing at stagnant levels. We are raped when our rights for guns or morality is assaulted. We are raped in our retirement through inflation and taxing. We are raped in our sensibilities as Catherine Austin Fitts stated when America is not her Philadelphia any more when a child could go 4 blocks in any US city and be assured they would be safe.

America is a raped nation as is most of the world. Americans have been raped in every conceivable way from physical, national, intellectual, moral, economic, spiritual to the literal humanity of them has been so invaded that they go to bed with this electronic numbness deadening them and awake to the new torture every day in being lied to without shame.

The Clintons are rapists. Bill Clinton is a rapist. Hillary Clinton is a rapist, and now we witness that Chelsea Clinton is a rapist. We see the Bush family raping other political families, and then George Bush after being raped by the Barack and Michelle Obama, embracing his rapists with a glowing smile of subjection.

It is stated the Clintons, Bill and Hillary are rapists. We know this because people who have been raped by them confess it from their souls in anguish years later as they attempt to recover from that attack. Americans have been attacked thousands of time by these rapists and if Hillary Clinton steals this election, there will not be every any recovery from the political and literal rape of Americans, in they will forever be degraded to a savage rape nation, which will prey upon each other, and be the Obama 3rd world where there is no rule of law, no orderly transfer of Government and where filthy adults rape the children, the weak, the poor and each other as a matter of intercourse of society.

There is a reason the women who speak out about the Clintons in having been raped by them are afraid of what these rapists will retaliate with. There is a reason rapists of all types support Hillary Clinton.

It is America's last chance in Donald Trump for in Hillary Clinton we have the Mother of all Rapes.