Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Stuff that Little Proteins are made of

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I discovered something by God's Grace which will make most people squeamish, but it is the reality of life in the more fat and protein concentrate you feed an animal, the faster and stronger they grow. It is why mammals eat milk and poultry eats egg yolks.

That is not the discovery, but the fact is all the wild ducks in America grow huge in a few months due to eating insects on ponds.

My chicken and turkey poults are wasteful with commercial feed of 18% protein, so instead of throwing it away it gets recycled through older chickens. While awaiting in a bucket is where the discovery appeared.

See without monsoon type rains, but normal summer rains, a plastic bucket with feed will turn into slop, in effect the old hog slop. Farmers used to separate cream out from milk, and be left with skim milk.......which you idiots pay money for in your dieting.
The skim milk was never thrown away, but was instead put in a 55 gallon barrel of ground corn and oats, where it would be allowed to sour or ferment like moonshine. Not  to make it rotten, but like sourdough bread, as the souring of grain is making it break down so you can digest it easier, and it converts carbohydrates and starches into alcohols, known as sugars.

This is not to make pigs drunk, but it is throwing nothing away, as the increased protein from the milk, makes the pigs grow faster, which is how a farmer made money.
They used to feed bones until it was outlawed as it would spread disease, but people who lived around fishing factories would feed fish heads and guts to pigs as pure protein grew hogs and pigs love eating meat. Yes so much for your other white meat, which is like chickens in they love meat too.

So if one leaves grain get wetted, it begins to sour, because grain has sugar and oil in it, just like a mammal body. This begins to attract flies, because flies lay eggs which create maggots, as maggots are God's design in nature to break down proteins and fats into rendered base materials.....which plants call fertilizer and grows them big, as there is not any difference between crude oil fertilizer being earth made, cow manure or maggot manure, as it is all making plant food for animals in this perfect cycle.

So back to the bucket, it may not look like anything but brown looking old wet grain, but flies love it, and lay their eggs on it, and depending on the weather in moisture, you will be left in a few days to few weeks a pile of writhing maggots under the crust. If you dump it out before they are done, what you have is concentrated protein treats for your chickens, along with a slop or oatmeal looking porridge which they will eat in converting a base product into a higher energy product of insects.

Birds love bugs and eat them all summer. It is why songbirds come to the north, in they love the insects of summer, and those insects grow babies.

I will caution you that in like turnips with cows milk, if you feed road kill which is rotten to your chickens to pick on, their eggs will get a strong flavor you will not enjoy, but for maggot feed there is not a problem with that as you are not doing this daily, and maggots do not taste that bad or chickens would not eat them.

So now you know a secret of the ages, for when you are without lights, your pet hog that has not died of disease is woofing at you for fish heads from your illegal seine and your chickens are clucking at you for maggots from the trash pile, you will be living life in grand style.

I would mention too that the Indians dug a pit, surrounded a huge area with squaws and kids with blankets and would beat to the center for grasshoppers. Great feast there and who ever said the Indian terrorists in America were savages. Bon Apetite.

PS: What the hell do you think mousies are that you fish with?

PSS: My feed dealer has weevils in his feed he was selling us. I asked him if he was charging extra for it, after he apologized. He laughed.