Friday, October 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton Promises To Work Old People To Death

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am surprised that lightning does not strike Hillary Clinton for all the lying she does and the latest in her saga of how to "fix America" as told to the hedge fund swindlers, who Mrs. Clinton will not tax BUT REWARD is this shocking tidbit.

At a speech for Morgan Stanley on April 18, 2013, Clinton praised the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan — which would reduce corporate tax rates while raising the Social Security age. “But Simpson-Bowles — and I know you heard from Erskine earlier today — put forth the right framework. Namely, we have to restrain spending, we have to have adequate revenues, and we have to incentivize growth. It’s a three-part formula,” she said.

To translate this, as this is what Hillary Clinton was ranting at Donald Trump about in the first debate are three points:

Hillary Clinton is going to tax the hell out of Americans for her trillion dollars in new  taxes for her "spending", or bribes.
Now remember in this Donald Trump is going to eliminate anyone who is poor or under 50,000 dollars from paying income taxes, and reduce corporate income taxes, and for that Hillary Clinton attacked Mr. Trump for rewarding the rich.

But the huge difference is, Hillary Clinton is going to "fix America" by making retired people go back to work to work themselves to death, by raising the retirement age.

Just so you get this point, Hillary Clinton is going to take more of your money away from you, give tax breaks to the rich, and to balance it all, she is going to work gramma and grandpa to death.

This is what Hillary Clinton in her Big Wall Street oligarchs gets wet over and promised her owners to do all of the above.

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