Friday, October 7, 2016

Tim Kaine Says He Damns Clinton Protestants but being a Jesuit will Save Him

This is from David John Oates appearing the Rense Program.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What is most interesting in these reversals is Tim Kaine damning Hillary Clinton the Protestant. Mike Pence hints at a crime replacing Mr. Trump, Bill Clinton calls Hillary a disaster and lastly Hillary Clinton makes a strange reversal in saying "I will not make it".
It is not known if she is talking about her own demise or if she will not make the same type of deal Reagan etc.... has made in Russian policy.)

The Vice Presidential Debate

Tim Kaine

Investing in college - The lark you fed it (Kaine has no intention on funding education)

On Social Security solvent - Don't know the loss

Mental health package - I go with shit (Kaine has no affinity with helping people.)

On Pence defending Truman - Can renounce Methodist grief through Jesus sect
(This is Jesuit Tim Kaine hating Methodist Hillary Clinton's apostacy, but Tim Kaine rejects the abomination of Hillary Clinton, as the JESUITS will save him......not Jesus.)

Mike Pence

On Ukraine - Face enemy spin (to Tim Kaine)

His Police officer Uncle - Gonna worry him (Worried about what is happening to police)

Hillary attacks on Police - Fouls the soul with it

Reforming immigration - He said this (Speaking about Donald Trump)

Sacrifice of Americans wasted by Clinton Obama in Iraq - So damn the loss

Hillary Clinton trustworthy - Milk Hillary's slush fund (the Clinton Foundation)

The Clinton Foundation bribes - Share knife without the goddess. (Trump refers to Hillary as the goddess in his reversals.)

Making America great again - The crime begins (Pence knows something concerning Donald Trump. This may mean something connected to a President Mike Pence. So be very careful in those who have been bragging him up.)

Bill Clinton

Hillary working like demon - Libya a circus, Iran didn't need that

Hillary Clinton

Going to work sick - Get my cash (Tell women bullshit and they will donate.)

Ideas about campaign - Make our money (Again tell people what they want to hear to make them donate.)

Talking about emails - And they grow slimy

Bashing Mr. Trump on Russia - I shall not make it.

On her smearing Mr. Trump on illegals - Make a scam

On Paul Ryan attacking Donald Trump- State it as your purpose

On Donald  Trump - Give him awesome (She thinks Trump is awesome)
On Donald Trump - Trump said that I was evil
On fixing Obamacare - The corpse grows stiff