Friday, October 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton Reversals

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

These are the latest reversals on that horrid criminal, Hillary Clinton, from David John Oates on Rense.

Hillary Clinton reversals:

sodomite - abortion rulings - Serve you con you

deport invaders - But I'm a bigot

amnesty - I let them off

hackers being Russia - oh beat the darkness (the darkness to Hillary is the light exposing her crimes)

On not grabbing guns - hush little baby (stop lying to the people)
get economy moving - feel the battle standing

Using Muslim children - The war fell on it

Going after Citizen's United - Citizen warn you (Citizen's United is warning America of the Clinton Obama genocide of America)

The wall - Cost alot the wall

On Mosul war helping her - See our liar


Donald Trump Reversals

Justice Ginsburg on deplorables - They've broken it. (Supreme Court broken by liberals)

Partial birth aborticides - Yes Hillary health

Deport drug lords - bad, bad

Russian nuclear warheads - Then they're scared

Asian economy moving - There's another planet. NASA best thing (Colonization is the best expansion to get the American economy moving.)

Trump is a great company - I must the buck.

Wrong - No (Hillary Clinton attacking Mr. Trump with more smears.)

Hillary Clinton is a bad leader - This is sin

Have to build America again - I'm going to beg, I need to see you (People voting)

Iran taking over Iraq - Terror body it's an error

MacArtur and Patton - I love it.

No amnesty - It's America


Chris Wallace Reversals

Trump grabbing women - Not fault worthy (Wallace is dismissing the Clinton bims as frauds)

Rigged election - Soften the satan milk (Be nice in questioning Mr. Trump)

Trump accept election results - Shall I send the claws over