Friday, October 21, 2016

Smog the Net

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Inquiry into the matrix points to this smogging of the internet.....(smog would mean creating an internet inversion to deny service by overloading the hub), is from a cartel group of specialists, operating out of New Jersey, in Clinton Foundation IT types, flaming the internet to condition the American People that when Donald Trump wins by a massive landslide, that it of course is vote fraud and point the finger at Russia.

New Jersey, Russia, Poland, Montenegro, Finland.......German router keeps popping up in inquiry at this point. Pinging does not interest me in tracking this.

That is about as much interest as I have in this, as knowing the source through inquiry, explains just another act of criminality to help Hamrod smog up the election with her overcast of doom.

All this is, is another staged event to twitter people off, get them talking about things, frustrated and ready to believe whatever other lies will be produced in this psychological operation.

Oh one more thing, inquiry pointed to the majors left the portals open for this to occur. Not hard as the NSA runs the internet hubs, and with the Obama regime turning over the net to the United Nations, of course all this is so much easier for the insiders to smog things up.