Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Using Ethnic ID Software


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In the Wikileaks, Hillary Clinton emails, there are numbers of bizarre emails in Hillary Clinton policy. This one must be exposed even with all her crimes, because there are people in the Clinton campaign who ARE SORTING PEOPLE LIKE THE NAZI'S into ethnic groups.

This is a reality check and is simply 1930's Rockefeller Republican funding of Nazi Science, in people are not people, but ethnic groups, because you can not talk to a Polish American like you talk to a German American........as apparently their brains do not work the same as Americans, but different.

This is the Wikileaks search page link:  and links as they appear.

Subject: Re:

2016-02-27 01:38 2016-10-24 Joel@gpg.com jpalmieri@hillaryclinton.com
Subject: Ethnic strategy for Hrc
2016-02-27 03:46 2016-10-24 jcrosapepe@yahoo.com terryllierman@gmail.com

This is the email, which was sent to Jennifer Palmieri, Director of Communications for Hillary Clinton:

Ethnic strategy for Hrc

If you missed the above, according to this email White people do not know they are White people. Then again the Clinton campaign can help them in knowing what race they are, by tagging every American by their ethnic identity, all of which Hillary Clinton will speak the German, Irish, Polish, Hispanic lingo, which only Hillary Clinton can translate apparently.

I was wondering who these racists were in the Clinton campaign, and not disavowed by Hillary Clinton and discovered these links to the email.

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Yes, these are not some wackos working in some master race lab, tagging Jews, these are actually DEMOCRATIC ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES.

Hillary Clinton is part of conversations in sorting and tagging Americans by ethnicity. It seems incredible, but that is the reality, and this email literally went to Hillary Clinton as her communications director received it.

Seriously, these people actually know that there is some kind of Nazi software that sorts people by their race and ethnicity. Who the hell created this and how much is Hillary Clinton implementing it?

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