Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wait for What Election?

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Election law violation? Hillary Clinton campaigns at early voting site in North Carolina

by WorldTribune Staff, October 24, 2016 Hillary Clinton showed up to campaign at an early voting location in Raleigh, North Carolina on Oct. 23 - and may …

What are left of Americans should probably take the bitch slap to the brain and awaken to a reality, that Hillary Clinton has already tainted the 2016 election.

REPORT: Machines Switch Vote...

We know that FOX and other media outlets are engaged in vote suppression for Trump voters.

We know that in Illinois and Texas that votes for Donald Trump are switching to Hillary Clinton.

We know that people who are NOT Americans are casting ballots, which disqualifies this election.

We know that dead people are registering to vote for Hillary Clinton.

We know that every state in America is suffering from vote fraud.

We know that Hillary Clinton stole the election from Bernie Sanders.

We know that Ted Cruz GOPliters stole Texas, Maine, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Idaho from Donald Trump. We know for certain that Maine was stolen because the Governor said it was.

We know Ohio was flipped for John Kasich by the GOPliters.

So this idiocy of "Wait and see what the election will be", is retarded of common sense, because we already know that Hillary Clinton is cheating, just as Obama cheated in two elections and that fraud Karl Rove cheated in two elections.

America is corrupt and the police state protects Hillary Clinton and the GOPliters, because the Oligarchs control America in the cartel.

There is more than enough evidence for Donald Trump to contest this election at this point, because foreigners who are not even Americans  are mass voting and they can not even read the ballot.

In order to win, God will have to take this into His hands and for Donald Trump to win by at least 18 percent to overcome the Clinton Soros vote fraud of 15% plus buffer which is being instigated.
The Clinton crooked campaign is already running the maximum 15% margin in e vote fraud, and that is why millions of dead people and illegals are pouring their illegal votes in, in order for Hillary to attempt to get this close enough to steal it.

That is the reality, as none of us have to wait for the election, as we already have months of vote fraud by the Clinton campaign and the GOPliters rigging this election and protected by the police state.

Americans are going to have to vote in such numbers to neutralize Clinton crimes, illegals, dead people, Soros e vote fraud and the Clinton Presstitutes. It can be done and is being accomplished, but what has taken place in America is sedition and in court judgments is punishable by state execution in all those involved.

Donald Trump rallies 20,000 Floridians at one location. Tim Kaine has 30 crooks show up. That IS THE REAL vote margin in America, so do not be suckered by the fraud polls, the conditioning and accepting an election theft from Mr. Trump.

This 2016 election should already be contested in the courts across America as Hillary Clinton should not even be on the ballot, and Bernie Sanders should be!!!

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