Monday, October 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton's NDE in the year 2017 AD

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Since Hillary Clinton's collapse on 9 11 and NDE, her Near Death Experience, it is apparent like all other people who see the Grim Reaper, Mrs. Clinton appeared on the other side in the Donald Trump debate, to be a cheater, liar and bearer of false witness. With each passing near toe tag experience, Mrs. Clinton simply becomes more apostate, abhorrent and abominable.

It was interesting to note after the Donald Trump victory at the debate, that the same conditions which were ailing this sick old woman appeared.

There was the almost brain blow up on her stronger together, but weaker with Hillary jet.

There was the helping her down a few short stairs.

There was the coughing attack again while at the podium.

The reality is, these are the manifestations we have witnessed in just a few short hours in public view. What are the myriad of catastrophes and collapses where they are bringing out the paddles as Mrs. Clinton's eyes roll back into her head.

I was moved several days ago to inquire on Hillary Clinton's situation and her time line. The interesting part in this, is it does not seem to be any difference if she is in the White House or not, because the matrix has the same horizon points appearing.

This is Hillary Clinton's future as of this date and the flow of the time line.

If Hillary Clinton steals this election from Donald Trump, the time line points to she will collapse sometime in July 2017 AD in the year of our Lord and will not recover.
The time line progresses to Mrs. Clinton being in a condition by September 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, that Tim Kaine will being acting the President without taking power.
The time line deteriorates to January 2018 AD in the year of our Lord that Hamrod goes on life support on the 6th of January and the plug is pulled on the 7th of January.

So one understands the trends of this in the matrix flow, if the shadows of this are perpetuated as they should not be.

There will be a bubble burst in 2017. With Mrs. Clinton incapable of carrying out the rigors of the office of the President, and after her bed ridden collapse, Russia under pressure will strike out into Europe in September of 2017. At this juncture a President Hillary who is incapable of doing more than blinking and drooling, will have the United State ruled by a junta of Bill Clinton and Tim Kaine. It is this illegality which will in Hillary's name declare war on Russia.

The matrix points to a future where there will be economic upheaval and a war with Russia if Mrs. Clinton is in the White House. Due to ill health she will not complete one year in office.

What little ill health this woman has, she is burning out her life resources in this campaign for President.

So this point is clear. The matrix at this point in time flow is projecting out that due to the condition of Mrs. Clinton, and this junta operating the US regime for the cartel, Russia will strike to Europe and the Mideast. Inquiry states that the American depots from Saudi Arabia, Italy to Ramstein in Germany will be seized by victorious Russian forces. America will in a little over a month suffer a historic and humiliating defeat.
NATO will "sue for peace" for these failed western leaderless leaders to save face and Russia will dictate terms from Afghanistan to Paris. The Russians will readily reach Paris and Vichy Tim Kaine can talk Mexican to his 3rd world invading rioters.
Oh so you understand this part, with Clinton in coma, and Kaine failing, with both losing to Russia, all of those Obama invaders, with image Obama speaking out for them, will receive as reparations their dual citizen and sovereignty protectorate status, of Mexico having a controlling say in the administration of California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

To the victors go the spoils and America will be spoiled for spoiling her God given Republic.

This again is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter explaining what the matrix is trending for the defeat and balkanization of America in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, with Hillary Clinton stealing the White House from Donald Trump. There will be no recovery from this time line.