Monday, October 3, 2016

This George Bush is only good for the Photo Ops

That George is Only Good for the Photo Ops


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was contemplating just what it was that George P. Bush, AKA Jorge Bush had done to pap Jeb, Granpap HW, Uncle W and Aunt Laura, and to his whorish good looking cousin, Barbara, named after old Babs, because this former stalker and sexual pervert, simply is being wiped out by Bush fam in their vendetta against President Elect Donald Trump.

Politics is a reality that one must butter their bread on both side, and sometime one's wife too as Ted Cruz proved in order to try and survive when the people hate you and your political career is up in flames. The entire Great George Hope of the Bush family is Jorge, but instead of trying to help this kid, they are ruining his 2024 chances.

Seriously, HW is making cut throat signs and voting for Hillary, while chumming with Kennedy radicals. Jeb is looking depressed and nuts in not voting. W. is looking like he should be in the nut house from dancing on stage to crawling in Michelle Obama's lap. Laura is well cold as ice, and now to add to this, you got prissy Barbara showing off her flat chest to Huma Abedin at an illegal fundraiser in Paris for Hamrod Clinton.

Seriously, the Republicans are never going to vote for a Bush again with this kind of bushwhacking going on.  It is thee most asinine and shit for brains tantrum in world history. Again Seriously, the Kennedy's got screwed over by LBJ, Hubert Humphrey, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Birther Obama, but had the sense to keep their mouths shut and wait around for a scrap of meat. Not Bush fam though, they instead go out of their way to whore for the Democrats in what is thee most ridiculous FU to Conservatives, Christians, Veterans, Patriots, Gun Owners and simply put, Americans.

This last stunt of Barbara at an illegal fundraiser in Paris, as in Muslim burning down Paris, while she chants let them eat cake is absolutely brainless.

Again SERIOUSLY who would have ever thought the sane one in the Bush family was Jorge Bush, with his nutty parents, nutty siblings, and his naked aggression, but after what the Bush fam has been up to, Jorge Bush honestly is the one who look sane.

From a political standpoint, this is perplexing, because Jorge Bush has the world before him. He is the only Bush fam member with any sense to suck it up, and to say he supported Donald Trump and would vote for him.
Doing that showed more class than all the Bush fam combined, living and dead.

Jorge's future was the golden road before him literally. He is a man with a bright future as political paths are open to him.
He is currently a Texas howdy in being elected. Ted Cruz is political DOA in two years, and Jorge could reach out and be Senator Jorge Bush in 2018.

If Senator Jorge campaigns with President Donald Trump, who shipped out all the foreigners from Texas so Jorge has a GOP majority to elect him, then by 2024, Senator Jorge Bush after being not a Bush, but a Conservative in the Senate pushing through Trump reforms, is not just in contention to be President, but he will be Vice President certainly in 2024.

That means in 2032 Jorge Bush would probably be President.

That is what George Prescott Bush's future would be, if his family was not f*cking this up for him non stop. By what his family has done now, they have alienated Texas Republicans, the GOP base and Reinse Priebush who threatened his old man he would be kicked out of the GOP for not honoring the pledge to support Donald Trump.
That means that Rick Perry or perhaps the Lt. Governor of Texas will replace Ted Cruz in the primary. That means Jorge instead of being a national leader, is going to be dinking and danking around looking to be a Representative or Governor of local issues, and will not be on the inside track of this time line for 2024, where he will be passed over for a woman or if a woman is nominated as President, it will be some other minority, because everyone in the GOP will still have the hate on for Bush fam.

Very few times in history are people born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I will take for example Stephanie Herseth Sandlin of South Dakota who this blog helped boot out of office. She had the connections and talent, but in South Dakota, there never presented itself that upward golden road to Senator of Governor, so she could then in this election or the next be Vice President. She lost and faded to oblivion, because there were not any positions opening up.

Jorge Bush has every position before him, to be President. He could show himself to be all the things the Bush's pretended to be, and Americans would embrace him. The problem is his vindictive family, who seem to not give a damn about this kid.

I do not know if Barbara wanted him to play Cabana Boy when he was a child and did not want to be molested, or of Gramp and Uncle George just thought tan skins were nothing to consider, just like Jeb, but I do know that the Bush family has let down George Prescott Bush in being thee most petty and base group of people in Americans politics.
I mean how hard is it for family responsibility for George, George and Jeb to sit down and say, "We had our time and now we have to suck it up and do this for Jorge, as we support Donald Trump, Donald Trump will support him later". That never occurred to these Bush's no more than Barbara being catty.

That in deduction means the Bush family is the biggest bunch of racists on the planet, as they never thought their tan skinned kin, even their own son was worth anything. Think of Jorge's own mum not telling her white Jeb to straighten the hell up and think of his kid. It is really a hurtful thing to have family like this and it probably explains exactly why Jorge and his siblings were so wacko growing up, because the entire Bush family treated them like wet back whip.

The Lame Cherry kicks the hell out of people when they deserve it, and it kicked the hell out of Jorge. But when Jorge showed he was white, I appreciated it and now that his family is treating him like an afterthought, I will stand up for him, as it is unfair and low down. He is not born to anything, but he deserves a shot as much as anyone else, and if he straightens up and is an American, I would support him, because people can not help who they are named after or the families they are born into.

Nuff Said.