Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hillary Post Mortum Debate


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Hillary Clinton is going to play the victim card in the debate, in she is the victim.

"I'm a woman and I deserve respect. Your mother would be ashamed of the things you have done and said about women".

*My Mother is a Lady and she warned me about females like you.

It will be the same attack points as before.

No crying, just Hillary with her vulva against an evil penis world.

Inquiry says her tact is not going to be successful.

She will not leave the stage. Inquiry points to no health events. Hamrod only went through a gallon of the fountain of youth this transfusion. Has that steroid elixir now in cell division therapy. Is supposed to be easier on the old gal. That big ass she certainly has the fuel stores to feed that beast.

Is a given she will cheat. Her people will get the questions before the debate. Wallace will assist her. She will lose the debate.

Be the screeching feminist. Going to try and connect with women again.

I am so ready for Donald Trump to be President in a landslide on November 8th.

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