Wednesday, October 5, 2016

HRH Baby Belle

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I seem to attract royalty. I do not know this gift, but I have now had two royals in my company.

The first was my Ruby puppy. Ruby had a penchant for standing 10 feet away from an open door and no matter my calling or asking her to come, she would look timid and just stand frozen in place.
That is when I was moved to announce:

"Your Royal Highness, the door is open for you." I would then bow deeply, sweep my arm to the door and just like that Ruby would gladly in her delicate motions step toward the door like the best royal blue blood ever bred.

That is what is interesting in the Jersey's have had their debutante in one of them is Royal. See it is not Baby Daisy as Baby Daisy is like a linebacker in the NFL in just sort of blows past me like a ton of bricks, sometimes sending me flying as if I was a feather.

It is Baby Belle though who has surprised me, in this past weeks, she has stood by the gate when I open it. Baby Daisy moves past me and gladly goes to start munching on hay, as being in the pasture all day stuffed with grass, makes Baby Daisy ravenous.
It is Baby Belle though who just stands there looking at me. She has this royal thing down in she looks off into space. Sometimes notices me. Sometimes casts a glance my way. Sometimes sniffs at me to see if I have some ambrosia for her........but she is like a statue in she will not move.

That is when compelled by remembrances of Ruby, that I began bowing and saying, "Your Royal Highness the gate is open for you".......and just like all royalty, Baby Belle bounds toward the barn door.

Every time I just open the gate, Baby Belle just stands there looking non nonchalant, but when I am moved to give her the royal summons, she gladly accepts the honor and enters with the fanfare.

This royalty thing is a mystery, as who would have ever thought I would be the ......Royal Liege......Consort....Fool for two such high placed personas on this planet.

I am guessing that most of you have royal critters too in all the trouble you have with them. You think you just have an animal, but in realty you have a Royal Furfooter, who is putting up with you as Baby Belle and Ruby put up with me, and it was only by Divine Inspiration, that I discovered I had the Queens of the Forest, Field and Farm, who had chosen to live their lives incognito and showing true humility like Mother Theresa in having me serve them.

I suggest that all of you in having such royals in your midsts, to not mocking in the least, but with all genuine unction to your betters, bow before your non compliant creatures and announce the door is open for their Royal Presence, and just like that the animal which owns you will bestow their presence upon you.

HRH Baby Belle is the prettiest Princess in the 21st century, so I am quite honored in the choice of having to serve her. I sort of feel sorry for all of you, who just have animals who serve you, while I have a real Royal Beast who I bow to, to get her in the barn.

Nuff Said