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cum esses junior, et credidit

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is about Wikileaks, and about a great deal more, 99.99% of you reading this have absolutely no experience or comprehension as to what the real world is. What the real world is, is not what you see, for what you see is an illusion, placed before all of you holier than thou armed victims, to provide you with an illusion that you are so above it all and no longer primal.

Assange Life Probably Threatened - Releases No Docs
Clinton Earlier Called For His Murder - Only Plays Wiki Vid

Here's The Video Assange Played - Perhaps His Entire Staff
Staff Threatened With Death - His Atty Murdered Late August

Assange Almost Assassinated Monday, Aug 22nd - Hillary (?)
Hit Man Caught Climbing Outside Wall Of Embassy 2:47 AM

Assange Attorney & Closest Confidant John Jones Murdered

Every one of you missed the headline of the cartel stating that there was a chance none of us existed, but we were all a computer game, controlled by intelligent life forms. The cartel was telling you that your entire life is a computer generated war game and you have no meaning as they factor out scenarios for their entertainment to immortality.
It does not make any difference if you are a Clinton supporter of GOP supporter. It does not make any difference if you are one of the elite of finance or industry, or a rug rat, because each level is used in this game of attrition which none of you ever figure out, because all you ever focus on is the money.

The reason I am writing this complex post is due to a former Bush official in Catherine Austin Fitts has been exposing a great deal of the world in the way it really works in the financial side, but she does not comprehend that this is a game with timer, because Obama has proven it can loot 20 trillion from America without a problem. I have told you this is not about money, but money is a tool to use in this corruption waged against God's Plan, and that is why it is important, as it is a mathematical factor which corrupts the human emotion factor.

 One of my software tool innovations, Community Wizard, helped communities access data about how all the money works in their place. Accessible through the World Wide Web, Community Wizard was illuminating an unusual pattern of defaults on HUD mortgages and other government and homeowner losses in areas in which the CIA had admitted to facilitating cocaine trafficking by Iran Contra supporters.

According to the CIA, we were paying our government to help the narco dollars make money in a way that -- if you read Community Wizard's comic book-like money maps -- was losing taxpayers and homeowners billions of dollars.

Catherine Austin Fitts

Ms. Fitts was informed in the 1990's, that "they" were divesting America of money. She said she did not understand that this was a bigger issue than she could then fathom, because it was all money as in cash reserves, which she states is in the 50 trillion dollar range, and her view now is that this will then be used to promote a balanced budget amendment to stick Americans with this debt. In reality, this is about the American theme park which Al Gore spoke of. We are arriving to an era of robotics when people are no longer necessary except as living sacrifice to the order or themselves, as they are competitors to immortality.

I do not desire to get too far out in this reality so people shut down, but instead in this will utilize some of the observations of Ms. Fitts in how the Western economies work. and for those who were not here in 2008 when the Lame Cherry exposed the Obama regime in setting up a new dope production syndicate to launder money through, this is why.......the reason being with the stagnation of Obamanomics, there is not enough capital generated in reality, beyond printed money, and there requires a black market of dope money being laundered to keep the workings operating. This is what Ms. Fitts speaks of in you empty local fast foot joints, always empty, but still in business, as the purpose of them is to launder millions of dollars in your local dope syndicate.

Let us be introduced to Ms. Fitts first, as she had a software which tracked federal foreclosures and worked for the Bush administration, until the police state appeared.

The next day I was hunted, living through 18 audits and investigations and a smear campaign directed not just at me but also at members of my family, colleagues and friends who helped me. I believe that the smear campaign originated at the highest levels. For more than two years I lived through serious physical harassment and surveillance. This included burglary, stalking, having houseguests followed and dead animals left on the doormat. The hardest part was the necessity of keeping quiet about the physical danger lest it cost me more support or harm my credibility. Most people simply do not believe that such things are possible in America.

In 1999, I sold everything to pay what to date is approximately $6 million of legal and administrative costs. My estimate of equity destroyed, damages and opportunity costs is $250 million. I moved to a system of living in several places on an unpredictable schedule in the hope that this would push up the cost of surveillance and harassment and so dissuade my tormentors from following.

Ms. Fitts is Kathleen Willey, the Bundy's and Ray Donavan, because once you trigger the wires of those in the cartel, they will activate their police state and their entire intent will be to end your life, as they did Andrew Breitbart and are now engaged in silencing Julian Assange. Keep poking this mafia and you will have a Vince Foster end, without investigation and all you have will be in the hands of others.

What Ms. Fitts discovered was by her software a reality which showed that the CIA was running an operation which was dumping coke into America as part of Bush41's Iran Contra, and this money or dope was being laundered through home loans. It was in this period that the great Savings and Loan collapse took place, and that is part of this operation in there was so much money being laundered as in the Nebraska child rape syndicate, that it was a home being sold, the closing charges funneling off, a default on the loan, the foreclosure in the bank taking the property back, and the home being sold again to another front, and  the money all "disappearing".
If this sounds remotely similar to the Bush43 housing bubble bust, where it was amplified by derivatives being traded, that is the reality of the Bush era collapse. It is always the same issue of 1929 stock market crashes in it is the concentrating of financial power to the few. There is literally one more collapse coming which as been engineered and then it will be complete.

This is  a good synopsis of how the dope cartels, as much as the Clinton Foundation operates with all the other foundations looting America with Wall Street.

 Every day there are two or three teenagers on the corner dealing drugs across from our home in Philadelphia. We figured that if they had a 50% deal with a supplier, did $300 a day of sales each, and worked 250 days a year that their supplier could run his net profits of approximately $100,000 through a local fast food restaurant that was owned by a publicly traded company.

Assuming that company has a stock market value that is a multiple of 20-30 times its profits, a handful of illiterate teenagers could generate approximately $2-3 million in stock market value for a major corporation, not to mention a nice flow of deposits and business for the Philadelphia banks and insurance companies.

The "pop" is a word I learned on Wall Street to describe the multiple of income at which a stock trades. So if a stock like PepsiCo trades at 20 times it's income, that means for every $100,000 of income it makes, it's stock goes up $2 million. The company may make $100,000, but its "pop" is $2 million. Folks make money in the stock market from the stock going up. On Wall Street, it's all about "pop."

So if I have a company that has a $100,000 of income and a stock trading at 20 times earnings, if I can find a way to run $100,000 of narcotics sales by a few teenagers in West Philadelphia through my financial statements, I can get my stock market value to go up from $2 million - $4 million. I can double my "pop." That is a quick $2 million profit from putting a few teenagers to work driving the Solari Index down in their neighborhood. Bottom line, I can make a lot of quick money on the stock going up and the Solari Index going down

The Department of Justice says that we launder $500 billion - $1 trillion. Multiply those times a BIG PERCENTAGE cash flow profit margin. Now figure how much of that "income" gets run through the income statement of publicly traded banks and companies and multiply that number by the multiple of income at which their stocks trade.

 In Black Money a government investigator investigating S&L fraud starts to look into the revenues and expenses of a fast food chain, which is experiencing far more deposits from sales than it is selling pizzas. As Thomas walks you through a handful of the near infinite number of possible money laundering schemes known to mankind, you start to get a sense for some of the economics of fast food franchises that have nothing to do with feeding people.

After I finished Black Money I started to pay attention to "how the money works" at the fast food and motel franchises at every interstate exit between Tennessee and Philadelphia. What I noticed about them was that no matter when I drove by -- day or night, weekday or weekend -- some of them were surprisingly empty. Indeed, one or two name brands were defined by their perpetual emptiness. Conversations every time I stopped filled in a lot here and there about how much cash was coming in and going out on the food and retail business.

Did you comprehend the solution which was detailed about in how the entire stock market is nothing but a Ponzi Scheme now. How for every dollar in "dope profit" funneled into it, and Treasury money dumps to transfer money out of  these United States, there are 20 dollars if fake market value.
If one factors into this, a company like Amazon which borrowed zero interest money, and is creating a false expansion and inflation for investors and ridiculous space flights, which is simple money laundering to divest America of her wealth.

 This does not matter if it is weapons, if it is prostitution, if it is welfare, if it is Mexico slim phones, if it is LG electronics, if it is Big Frac, it is all the same money divestment scheme, which is geared to ending private property ownership in the West.

And who was in charge of the four laundering states in this era?  It is all the same Neocon structure right and left, in the same people looking the other way as there is not any way that any oversight agency can not see this kind of volume of cash moving through states without it setting our red lights.
In this case, it was the Bush boys in this case in direct management of this syndicate operation, which in turn rewarded them immensely.

Well, let's see. Jeb Bush was the governor of Florida. Governor Jeb was the son of George H. W. Bush, the former head of an oil company in Texas and Mexico and the former head of the CIA and the former head of the various drug enforcement efforts as Vice President and President. Then George W. Bush, also the son of George H. W. Bush, was the governor of Texas. So the governors of two of the largest narco dollar market share states just happen to be the sons of the former chief of the secret police.

 Once you comprehend how this system operates in the black market currency and laundering, in how it was propelled under Obama Clinton to divesting America of trillions of dollars for it's genocide, all of the other pieces begin making more sense in dumps of Jesuits and Muslims as terrorists and predators on the native peoples to displace them. It is the oldest law of nature in, expand a population and it will become diseased and begin to prey upon itself to NOVEMATE itself.
I will explain that term originated by the Lame Cherry, as people ignorantly use DECIMATE too often incorrectly as that is a reduction of a population by 10 percent, but NOVEMATE is cropping of the population by 90 percent, and that is what this operational plague is designed to do, in leaving only a 10  percent zoo specimen for entertainment. Whether mange, rabies or American Genocide by the cartel, it is all the same disease and the same effect.

Julian Assange appears to have received the message from those who have the power to reach into embassies, make nations turn over being in asylum or walk in while the embassy staff watches a Breitbart moment of puffy pink on the expensive tile.

The information which Wikileaks was of a type that which was not acceptable to be published in the humiliation aspect of it. One must understand that murder and fraud are nothing of consequence when the FBI is providing cover for the crimes. It is the pillow talk which is not accepted. It is that knowledge as CIA Director William Colby possessed and expressed which sentenced him, because no one is allowed to reveal the workings of the rites.

It is evident that Mr. Assange's time on this planet is lessening by the forces moving against him, which have silenced him. Advisedly, he should confess his sins to a nice Protestant clergy, be Baptized sincerely and prepare for the next world where he can not be touched. Publishing information is the only safety anyone has as Andrew Breitbart teased and went puffy pink.

The fact is Hillary Clinton and her owners know exactly what Wikileaks has and has been preparing for that information. There is no secret in this, no more than the trillions looted from America is completely understood by those in the cartel, as they are intimate with the operation and the expectant results.

“Driving through New Jersey, Nitze [asked] Dillon if he thought the market decline an omen of hard times ahead . . . Dillon thought for a few minutes and replied, “I think it presages the end of an era.” By this Dillon meant that what lay ahead was not merely a period of retrenchment, after which affairs would be conducted as before. Rather, the world was in for a major overhauling of institutions.”
—Clarence Dillon and Paul Nitze in 1929

There is a realignment in progress and nothing will be allowed to get in the way of this new order.