Thursday, October 20, 2016

Keep Calm and Trump On

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On Wednesday, before the 3rd Trump Debate Victory over sick old Hillary Clinton, Rush Limbaugh invested a great deal of time stating his insider information that a big bombshell would drop on Thursday against Donald Trump from the Clinton campaign.

It made no sense as the other smears took place days I wondered what insider information would be released so stupidly.

Still am wondering as it was all bullshit.

I got this a few days ago, and yes I do read emails, including waterworks things, but am working on content windows now which will not distract as much of this is meant to get you worried or argue about some bullshit.

Reading where a-hole Rick Wilson GOPe, says he is positive there will be an opposition release of devastating scandal about Trump that should finish him. Even his die hard supporters will go, “whoa”….
Nothing will deter me, but I’m curious if you are picking up anything about this….

Instinct tells me there are probably a few things out there, which are bogus, like in the original plan to indict Donald Trump........I will track this down in the next days as I have something for inquiry am thinking Saturday on another eye opener. The thing is Hillary had to shoot her wad by the 3rd debate for effect. Other avenues must now be with different subjects. She is locked into that woman thing in a desperate move to keep them from all fleeing, but that was her entire operation, and it failed.

Am just reminding you that Rush Limbaugh like all of these frauds were working against Donald Trump and you will notice their motive now was to worry people with insider spin which was absolutely bogus.

The facts are:

Donald Trump won all three debates devastatingly.

Hillary Clinton is sick and losing.

Americans are now surging toward Donald Trump for the election and the wave is building.

Be of good cheer. Do not be distracted. You have a proven leader in Donald Trump who knows exactly what he is doing and with reason. So start acting like a winner, because the Hamrodians are all acting like losers, because they are behind and losing.

Know this, it took us 3 days to knock down the last smear. We effectively had the Hamrod frauds neutralized in 3 hours last night. They did their worst and Americans rejected it instantly as Americans recognized the lies.

Just be alert and do not doubt, as whatever Hamrod pulls will be more pure lying venom. Move by the left flank and keep outflanking them. They are being vanquished. Keep on, because this is the stuff you will tell your grandchildren in being a part of.