Thursday, October 20, 2016

President Donald Trump Polling Surge In The Lead

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Americans love a fighter. It is in their blood to the Spirit God put into them. That is why they adore, cherish and love Donald Trump.

The entire out of touch media, due the fact it is the tampon up Hillary Clinton's twat, went insane when Chris Wallace attempted to set up Donald Trump with another "gotcha" question, which was coordinated with other media outlets like CBS cornering Ivanka Trump with the "Will your father accept the results of the election", knowing that Hillary Clinton has in place some of thee worst election fraud in world history.

Yes that is what Chris Wallace was up to and no one but the Lame Cherry is calling that Hillary Whore out for it as another coordinated attack on Mr. Trump. This group of traitors wanted Mr. Trump to say he would accept the election theft against him, and give the carte blanche for vote rigging.

Yet Mr. Trump astutely saw through it and said he would not agree to the majority of American voters casting ballots for him being disenfranchised by election theft for Hamrod.

This is what the American People are yearning for, someone in Donald Trump who is honest and is not going to be bullied into submission again. The reason we know this is, in the latest poll Donald Trump has surged in his stand for the American People.

Rasmussen Poll Shows Trump 43%, Clinton 40%

This is what the American People demand, someone standing up for their votes and for their America.

Thank God, for once again, while every one of these traitors and propagandists did their worst in another Clinton GOPliter scheme to dishearten Americans, Americans are surging to Donald Trump in even greater landslide numbers.

As most of you missed that Obama fraud George Noury on Coast to Coast, (the same liar who kept predicting a brokered GOP convention) is now for Hillary Clinton predicting a close election. Yes that is what the fraud vote riggers are trying, but this Rasmussen Poll proves that Americans are surging to Freedom and Liberty and their leader is Donald Trump.

Be aware there is more of these smears coming, in one major Hillary enhancement........I will try and track this down in inquiry again in what is coming if I have the energy, but be certain that Donald Trump is going to start pulling away like Brexit in the next weeks, as Ronald Reagan did in 1980, and that is 7 points which are coming.

We are coming close to Hamrod's base fracturing and her voters going for Donald Trump or staying home. I am going to tell you something which no one has mentioned in this and it is important. The liars are not those who are afraid to say they are voting for Donald Trump, the liars are the ones who are sitting with Hillary Clinton, who have not committed the major crimes, and are going to be voting for Donald Trump, as they want more than anything to be out from under the cartel's blackmail.

Know this Donald Trump is in the lead and building the lead. That is why Virginia is illegally opening registration again in these illegals who have no legal right to vote. Hillary Clinton is behind and is falling further behind every day.

Donald Trump is giving Americans their heart's desire, because Donald Trump is America's desire.