Saturday, October 1, 2016

Once a President

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When it comes to Presidents, one of the most incapable was Thomas Jefferson and his protege James Madison. In them were the great political theorists of history, but their understanding of the office they created or the nation, was complete ignorance, for they never understood the many make the few great and the few in power can make the many least.

These two almost destroyed America and annexed her back as British colony.

For President Donald Trump, there is always a lesson in the failure of other American Presidents and a greater measure to sift through the kernels and to discard the chaff.

Thomas Jefferson understood the directing of the People as President, if not the office in leading people beyond political theory.

"In government like ours, it is the duty of the Chief Magistrate to endeavor, by all honorable means, to unite in himself the confidence of the whole people. This alone, in any case where the energy of the nation is required, can produce a union of  the powers of the whole, and point them in a single direction, as if all constituted but one body and one mind."

- President Thomas Jefferson

The Lame Cherry maxim has always been for Americans, that no President leads them, but the astute leader goes to where Americans already going, and simply leads from there.

For Americans, the George Washington President is rare, for he was creating the American Presidency where none existed, except on Constitutional Paper. In this came the great success of moving Americans in the American direction which has flowed for hundreds of years.
It is that Jefferson understanding that it is DUTY for the Chief Magistrate, the keeper of all American Laws, to earnestly in that personal, Christian and civil moral code HONORABLY, to wed themselves to the confidence of the whole people, and that is what the President is, the confidence of the American People.
In that, ALONE, the energy of the entire nation can be moved to a single direction for the good of the entire nation, so the President and the People are of one mind.
One can understand now the disaster of the Obama regime, in the changing of America that this regime believed in, that is tore America apart physically, racially, spiritually and nationally, for it betrayed the confidence of the People and attempted to drag Americans to an immorality they lusted for no part of.

This is who Donald Trump as President must become in the definition of President Thomas Jefferson wed to the reality of President George Washington, President Andrew Jackson, President Theodore Roosevelt, President Richard Nixon and President Ronald Reagan, who were deliverers to Americans from the condition which availed against them.

The people will always take the success of their President who governs them, and always lay blame on the despot who they allowed to beguile them.

The world should pray for the blessings of God upon Donald  Trump and the making of a Cabinet ordained by God, surpassing the Founders for it will require selfless Americans of the greatest Divine Inspiration to resurrect this America again now laying dead in the grave.

Duty and Honor with the requirement of American Virtue to rise to the National Good, of the people, by the people and for the people, in both President and Citizen upholding that sacred trust, is what defines and creates an American President.