Sunday, October 9, 2016

our new puppy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is our new rescue puppy. I do not know the gender in male or female. We have not settled on a name yet as Rascal and Thumper have been sort of tried out, and the nickname is something German like:





And those are the various French, Cambodian, Polish and Russian translations, but it is sort of based upon the German understanding of the contentment an unser receives from nursing. It is a pet name and Puntzee will probably stick as I usually have half a dozen names for most pets and they come to them all.

This was  on sick little puppy a few weeks ago as I had put a blanket out for them  and this one had mattered eyes closed and was shivering. I told TL I thought it was dead when we went out to feed the cats, but it got better and with that, it got stuffed into a box to fight off hypothermia on a natural gas stove pilot light.

Do not be fooled in this thinking this is a kitty, because I do not like cats. This is a puppy and with all I have to do in interviews and God knows what all, I now get to do all the fun things one does with kitties.

My hands look absolutely like a pin cushion as our great play time is for needle fangs to show up zzzzzzzzzzz22e111111111111177777777777777777777

If you wonder what that is, that is Puntzee typing as we just had to crawl over and see what I was up to. See cats are notorious for that in coming to you when you do no want them around. Puntzee is now biting me and grooming  as this must be done as I work and on my lap, as it can not be accomplished at all.

The puppy is no longer stove up either. Deposited a gift as long as Puntzee is in the middle of the floor last night.

This kitten loves to be on it's back kicking it's hind legs on my hand, clawing my hand, biting me, and looking wild eyed seizures. This is it's natural college diploma talent and I will be sure it gets a degree in it.

This is a little what Sherlock looked like in a tuxedo cat without the blaze. Is an Angora though and a bobtail, so it hops like a bunny. I think it looks like a Gremlin when it scowls.......loves playing with a snakeskin whe n t is not removing my skin. The mistakes are Puntzee nellping me type so you can get tne full effect.

All of this is Puntzee editorializing n biteng ne while closig= browsers and moving the cursore aroung. Wh = whould have thouht that moving fingers could provide so much entertainment to a cat.

So this is our new puppy. Will be here till Jesus comes back and then some. I am certain it will improve blog content as Puntzee is on my lap every night now as I try to work and is currently gnawing on a vein in my arm trying to turn it into Old Faithful.

I have yet to receive a promise about fetching pheasants and being a guard dog.

Of course done with the post and loading picture and Puntzee is off to visit TL listening to classical music.