Thursday, October 13, 2016

Russia preparing for Nuclear War with President Hillary Clinton

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The following story appeared on Zero Hedge, but not a complete translation. I offer it here, as the reality of this story is the Russian Government is taking the first steps to return all Russian children and families to Russia, in a preparation for war.

The reason for this is to deprive the West of assets, agents and hostages. It is also the reality that the effects of the Tavistock brainwashing of the Obama Sr. era in the oligarchs to create their minions by western brainwashing to overthrow their own nations.
This is a voluntary order and will become a mandatory order after November 8th in response to what Americans put in the White House. President Trump will bring peace. Hamrod Clinton will bring war.

This is a preparation for nuclear war. If Hillary Clinton steals this from Donald Trump with Paul Ryan and John Thune's treachery, there will be a scorched earth in Europe, and America will in the process of this war have nuclear strikes by the Russians.

Install Hillary Clinton into the White House or allow her election theft as with Obama and it will be war.

The entire understanding of this translation is that the Obama Clinton sanctions have destabilized Russia in the elite, meaning that those Russian nationals are being bribed in the "west" with the good life, and Russia is highly concerned about being engulfed with 700,000 Obamas and Clintons destroying their lives, the way Merkel and Obama are wiping out the West in their liberal genocide of the Peoples.

Lame Cherry translation of ZNAK.


Russian officials and deputies advised to return the children and parents home

Ekaterina Vinokurov

Russian officials, up to the highest level, are recommended to return to the country their children studying abroad. And to do so without waiting for the end of the school year, and by shifting their education to Russian universities. Officials and deputies are instructed to return to Russia, if grandparents of the family for some reason reside abroad without having lost the citizenship of the Russian Federation, was informed of this informal request from the presidential administration, of those who are most directly affected.
The recommendation will apply to all: from the staff of the administration as well as regional administrations, to deputies of all levels. The new duties even employees of public corporations will not escape this new policy.. Those individuals who wait to the implementation of tacit request, are reminded that complicating factors of next of kin and older generational family members who are working outside of Russia in the Western public sector of employment will not be granted any leeway, as has been noted by officials.
"In this situation, the time is granted to resolve the issue, but failing to do so the individual will be placed in the civil service.
  Scandals of varying severity related to the fact that the children of the Russian political elite are educated abroad, while their parents are inside Russia on television speaking about their patriotism while proclaiming they are "surrounded by enemies", in recent years has become a constant ruse. In 2012, Alexei Navalny in his blog published information that in the students abroad were all three daughters of  Zheleznyaka Sergei, a prominent member of the faction "United Russia" in the State Duma. He was educated abroad and remained the son of Senator Elena Mizulina - however, his return did not even remedy the situation for which he was ridiculed for.
The former children's ombudsman Pavel Astakhov, a clear preference for Europe in choosing the best environment for their children. Especially for this, according to unofficial sources, he paid with his position.  
The former children's ombudsman Pavel Astakhov, revealed a clear preference for Europe in choosing the best environment for their children. Especially for this, according to unofficial sources, he paid with his job.  

Away from the Fatherland, the son of the former Ombudsman for Children Pavel Astakhov, had a  second child was born in Cannes. As one of the interlocutors close to the presidential administration, this is clearly visible Europeanism of the Astakhov family along with numerous scandals of Russian children, born, reared and educated out of Russia, played a role in the decision about his resignation from the post of children's ombudsman.
Peskov "heard" about the recommendations of officials to return to Russia of children from abroad
Catherine Peskov, grew up and was educated in the US as Daughter Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Tatler magazine noted that after returning to Russia she spoke with a clear American accent in Russian for an interview. The same magazine in the September issue of 2016, in the list of most eligible suitors, Russia mentions the son of Industry Minister Denis Manturov. His education as a young man in Switzerland, "having studied there,  much due to his father, has not incurred the wrath of the authorities," - quote from the Tatler.
Ideas of legislative ban in children to studya abroad, surfaces from officials periodically arise the State Duma. For example, in 2013, when discussing a bill to ban officials have accounts and assets abroad, the Communist Party faction made an appropriate amendment, but that was rejected. In August of this year against another former State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin, and the heads of all four Duma factions received a letter from the president of the Association of entrepreneurs to develop business-patriotism by "Avanti" Rahman Yansukova. The message contained a proposal to develop such a bill, so the children of officials during the training in the West can "become targets for recruitment." to become intelligence assets. The reactions of the State Duma, however, was not followed up - perhaps because the deputies have already departed to carry out his electioncampaign.
Vitaly Ivanov political scientist believes that the recommendation for the return of the children of officials from abroad - a measure of "long overdue, and even overripe." "Education of the Russian elite children abroad is subject to the constant complaints and derision against the government. It is a matter of power, centralized at the state level are cultivated patriotism and anti-Western sentiment, and the children of officials are studying abroad. You can not serve two gods, one must choose. If such a measure will be initiated and implemented, it will bring consistency and certainty, but more needs to be done "- said Ivanov.
OIG: Over 7 years of Russia emigrated over 300 thousand people.
Political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky meanwhile believes that such things should be approached with great pragmatism. This recommendation is more likely to lead to an outflow of officials from the state, rather than allow the return of the children of the elite from foreign universities. According to him, the recommendations made at the level of the AP - is just a logical consequence of what officials were prepared in 2014, when, for example, the Travel Abroad actually became not only the security forces, but many factions. Sees as attempts to replicate the experience of President Erdogan of Turkey, which after the July coup attempt announced Travel Abroad, curtailing of Turkish scientists, says Belkovsky.
"On the one hand, this is all part of the package of measures to prepare elites to some" big war ", even if it is rather conventional, on the other hand - this is another blow to the unity of President Vladimir Putin with his own elite - he says about the consequences of the expert . - The sanctions of the West, which began to enter since March 2014, pursued the aim to drive a wedge between Putin and elites. In response, the Kremlin began to act in the logic of these sanctions. But a ban have assets in the West is still possible to take away easily, but it is impossible to use where health and education services - not, as it is - an important element of the life establishment strategy. "