Thursday, October 13, 2016

Punzee the Panzer Kat

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had just mentioned to a friend of this blog about how pleasant and nice Puntzee Kitty was and now as I type this I have these red marks upon and down my arm which are not blood poisoning.

See Puntzee has been interesting in her outdoor siblings were all on the food diet, but she was not interested. She would sniff at bacon, put her feet in dry cat food as if it was just more plastic and lick the milk off of every kind of food it was dunked in. It was perplexing until today.

Puntzee has decided that sitting on my lap when I eat at the table is the only place in the universe which exists. So I eat right handed as she occupies the left. TL had given her some frosting which she did like in the first thing she licked besides milk........that was until supper tonight.

So I am taking meat off a drumstick and there is that jelly stuff on it, and as Puntzee had just announced of course that holding her immediately was the top priority of all time, I decided to see what she would do with chicken jelly.

She sniffed it and then inhaled it with vigor. So much vigor in second bite I was wondering about my fingers having holes in them from punctures.

Things got interesting then as Puntzee was awakened to roast beast meats. She was clawing me and trying to get on the table. Hunting dogs exhibit this kind of drive when they discover that they are born to hunt birds, instead of fetch balls from urban dwellers in a park.

So I tried bit of meat....she sort of almost suffocated on it, and dropped it. Deciding that my arm has enough holes in it, the cat went on the floor........ a kitten stops being a kitten when she goes meat crazy.

With that Puntzee obtained a chicken drumstick bone and next thing I heard was this growling in warning the world that no one gets between a cat and her meat. She devoured I gave her another and she devoured that and was dragging around the bone, as I petted her in trying to keep it a situation where I do not become the bone dragged around later in life.

With belly now full and my arm with red streaks on it, Puntzee took a nap and returned to being the kitty she was before the meat situation overtook all of our lives.

As she is black, I think I am going to nickname her Panzer Kat in honor of the Germans who seemed quite adept at being militant in their pretty SS uniforms. Perhaps I will see sometime about a red dress up collar to make it all complete.

Nom de Deus, if Americans and Europeans were as in love with liberty as Punzee is with meat, none of us would be having the despots gnawing on us as the pussy press tells us all to purr when someone else is eating our freedom.