Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Liberal Majority Voting For Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a reality that every one of you has missed, because your brains have been so overloaded by Mockingbird that you missed it. Fortunately I am Inspired in Spirt and do not need a brain, so am not handicapped as are the rest of the primates.

Now to clear our your brain fuzz.

When you see Hillary Clinton campaigning or one of her many surrogates, because Hamrod is too sick and old to run for President, do you see myriads of local Democrats lining up in Governors, Senators, Representatives, Councilmen on stage with her?

Now that you are confused and beginning to think.....answer this.

When was the last time you saw any politician issueing a plea to Hillary Rodham Clinton to come campaign with them to save their seat?

Seriously, as you are now beginning to really think on this, if Hillary Clinton had this double digit lead, would she not be campaigning with EVERY Democrat running for Congress to sweep away the Republicans with her coattails, in order to have super majorities in the House and Senate to uphold the Obama agenda, keep impeachment hearings from happening and ensure that Tim Kaine, upon Hillary going toe tag would be like LBJ in passing anything he pleased?

Now why is none of that happening?

First, because Hamrod is a drag on the Democratic ticket, especially the down ticket races.

Second, because there it the Michael Moore reality of Hillary Clinton, in none of these liberals or democrats want this toxic old criminal back in the White House, because she blackmails them, threatens them, ruins them and Vince Foster to Khadaffi end up deader than hell around Hillary Clinton.

What you are missing in this is, sure oligarchs, Wall Street, Hollywood and politicians have to give money or praise Hillary Clinton, in order to not be on the enemies list. 5 million bucks is cheap compared to 10 million in IRS investigations and ending up in prison.

What the Lame Cherry is about to reveal to you is going to shock you and stun you, and that is most of the Democrats come election day are going to be pulling the lever for Donald Trump or Jill Stein, because in that booth, Hillary can not see them, and at that point they will be voting their conscience which is whispering to them, "Better to be investigated by Chris Christy in cutting a deal against Hillary, than Hillary cutting my throat as she deals my job to some insider named Huma".

Michael Moore is not going to vote for Hillary Clinton. That is a fact. Donald Trump is good for his business of ambush documentaries, while Hillary Clinton will be ambushing Michael Moore like Andrew Breitbart.
Face it that 8 years of Barack Obama has been a disaster for Moore financially. He can not afford another 8 years of Hamrod Clinton, so while he whores for Hillary, come election day, he like all of these liberals will be voting for Donald Trump, because Hillary Clinton will have them bending at the waist, and Tim Kaine is a psycho Jesuit who will be have them all kneeling before him.

You have to understand that Governors, politicians and business people, all are looking to their own 2020 too. Hillary Clinton in the White House ruins their political futures, because they are looking around and there is butt lips Chelsea standing around waiting to inherit the White House, so things do not look good for those with Mario Cuomo White House dreams. The best thing for Democrats seeking a future is to elect Donald Trump.

Sure Elizabeth Warren is getting to stack the Hillary cabinet, but you have to understand in this, that she is voting for Trump as she has her eye on 2020 too. What good is it to Warren to be stuck as Vice President behind Tim Kaine for 11 years, as she will be too old to run in 2024. So Poco does her job for the VP slot promise, and votes Trump in her more promising future, as no one wants Hillary Clinton in the White House.

Honestly, I think Bill Clinton is going to vote for Trump too. I would not put it past Bill to have been deep throat in the emailgate stuff, as he was being abused by staff, Hillary was beating on him, and no man wants to be the first gentleman, when you got a big hooter blonde waiting for you in New York as your energizer.
Better to live like a President with hooters to hoot, than exist in the White House trying to fix all the misery Obama unloaded on America.

That is the stunning reality in this, in unless someone has a Hillary Clinton gravy train, they are not going to vote for her. The fact is even under Donald Trump the illegals are going to be deported and get a better deal coming in, than Clinton amnesty.

I do not believe there will be 20 votes in Congress for Hillary Clinton as it tells in how Democrats have all left the building and are running from her.

You consider that, beyond the lezbrains who rally in few numbers for Hamrod, in if she had coattails, Democrats would be riding them to take the Congress, and the State governments, but no one is allowing this old crook in, unless they are forced into it.

As the Lame Cherry stated, it is easy to pay lip service or write a check, but come election day, one of the biggest voting blocks for Donald Trump, will be liberals, because they know what the Clinton gulag will be in death, and Trump will be good for business and paying fines is easier than paying with your life.

Now that I have you thinking on the obvious, you know Lame Cherry is right again, on another matter anti matter exclusive.

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