Friday, October 7, 2016

The Political Jungle

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We now are imprisoned in a world which is dangerous. The denial of this is ridiculous to the extreme that Americans who love Jesus and adore Washington are on terror lists as they are hunted down by some new Obama Clinton faction propelled to mayhem, resulting in the harm of a Trump supporter.

All of this racism against the new White Nigger or Caucanig in naming them Trumpsters, Trumpeters, Trumpanzees etc... is created from the CIA media control wing once known as Mockingbird and resonated it's violence from the types of Jonah Goldberg, George Will and Glenn Beck, all to incite violence and assassination.

From time immemorial, God has ordained all mankind with the right of self defense, from the earliest days of Abraham arming himself to rescue his kindred in Lot from kidnappers to the American Bill of Rights in the Second Amendment which secures to all free Americans, the right to possess and carry weapons for their protection, their family's protection and their community's protection.

"When they do these things in thinking Hillary Clinton has stolen the election from Donald Trump, then what will they do election day to you, and after?
What will it be a fury in having been thwarted in stealing the election from Donald Trump or will it be a blood lust in having stolen the election from Donald Trump and now the police state will protect the violent to make mutton of the American sheep."

The Lord Christ advised His disciples to arm themselves, and as much cautioned them to not resort to violence, in cutting of the servant of the High Priests ear. The Lord also advised, "Watch therefore and pray".
We are in a gulag now, a jungle gulag where our old adversaries of wolves and bears are replaced by a predator race, being directed like a hive of bees by a queen, ready to sting all those not like them to submission or death.

This election season and after you are going to have to watch, because you are being watched by the regime and those in the mobs who they have funded by George Soros. Polling places already were dangerous with Obama Neo Black Panthers in 2008. How much more so will it be for minorities in 2016? How much more so for the Caucasian Christian, Patriot, Veteran who is on those registration lists being hacked and researched.

I can find no election in US history which forebodes violence and evil as this one. Even in the most uproarious of ages, Americans had principles to at least not intimidate voters in mass, and only resorted to stealing elections by ballots afterwards. This election though portends a reality that where Citizens of the American West once armed themselves for strolls in the wood from terror Indians, Empires and wild beasts, are now upon a trail where millions have already armed themselves, but do not comprehend they have been given firearms to hold them from revolting, as they think the guns are protecting them, when the firearms are only pacifiers to keep them from noticing that there are genocidal weapons aimed at them and in time will be used against them by the regime.

This is not a time for rash emotions or emotionalism, to be carried away by fears. It is the time to calmly uphold your rights which God has bestowed upon all mankind and which were affirmed by the Founders of America.

It is at this time that one weighs how you decide to protect yourself, knowing in most cases you are going to be the one the police state focuses upon and the press crucifies in any event.
I have noticed in research that by another Obama Ryan miracle that gun manufacturers who used to produce single shot shotguns cheaply which could be carried in vehicles easily, have stopped manufacturing them, after nearly 100 years. All that is left are expensive weapons which gouge the public in this era of terror and fear.

Universally it appears that polling places are locations where the right to defend oneself is banned. It is why the Obama thugs were intimidating Blacks at these locations.

There is a reality which appears to be building in the criminals in power have their existence at stake and their thugocracy realizes their bribes are in danger of being ended. The real danger of life though is not being prepared, in being surprised in a situation. Will there be riots in an election of after. Will all be quiet. The future is an unknown, but a present is available to be prepared for that future.

America is dead and what comes from that grave is an uncertainty, not of when violence will erupt in invasion, insurrection or the police state rising to wipe out all resistance, but who will be caught in it first in groups, before all of us are engulfed in it.

We are no longer on the yellow brick road any more, and we have matured beyond lions, and tigers and bears, oh my.