Friday, October 7, 2016

George Wimpy Bush

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the popular girl was a great supporter of George W. Bush as President, it has reached that time to all former President Bush to be a man, and stand on his two hind legs, and stop being led around like a four  legged primate, and take the part for his nephew Jorge Bush and secure the Bush legacy.

George W. Bush has become the Wimp Factor in the Bush family. His father HW looks like some cartoon character as does his mother Babs. His wife has left the building of nice and has become the haven of shrew. His daughters are the anathema of what is the C word in Barbara partying with Huma Abedin in Paris at a Hillary Fundraiser.

From the whining of Jeb to now George W. telling people like Ted Cruz to vote, but not for who, this is something the Rebublican Party expects more from a man it made and sheltered, than this Bush fam vendetta against Donald Trump.

It is time for George W. Bush to save his family's legacy in standing up and on camera reading a statement like this:

My fellow Americans, I am grateful of the opportunities you have provided my family to lead this nation. Donald Trump is right in I made mistakes, but it is now time for America to join to correct those mistakes, and that is by electing Donald Trump. I urge all of you to vote for Mr. Trump, as even though I am friendly with Bill and Hillary, I know that the cutting of taxes for the poor in America, the bringing of jobs and the securing of borders is what is best for America.
I am voting for Donald Trump on November 8th as is my nephew Jorge Bush, who took the lead in this in supporting Mr. Trump. I want this settled.

If Mr. Bush cares anything about the legacy of his family, which HW destroyed in his no new taxes and Jeb wiped out with his breaking his word to support the GOP nominee, and the Bush family has obliterated in their being cucks in attempting to sabotage the GOP nominee, then W will fix this, THIS WEEK and make this announcement without questions from the press, so that Jorge Bush might rise in the Republican Party.

If George W. Bush does not do this, the Bush legacy is finished in the Republican Party. When Donald Trump wins, Reinse Priebus will remove the Bush family from the party roles, except for Jorge, but Jorge's future is finished politically, as Americans will never forget nor forgive the childish and low class misbehavior of Bush fam.

If George W. Bush is a Christian, he will put the Word of Christ into action and if he is an American, he will suck it up for America, and stop being part of the Bush whiners who are spoiled sports, sore losers and the same vindictive political trash the Clinton's are.

Is there any Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan in you George W. Bush, so that you will save your nephew or are you just another east coast patrician who never learned what it was like to be a Texan or American?

Mr. President W, you are responsible for all of the dead and wounded in America. Those lives have been wasted in Obama Clinton, and your being clannish is no different than pissing on every one of those American graves and their wounds in siding with the Clintons.

Start embracing Americans for Donald Trupm and stop cuddling Michelle Obama for Hillary Clinton. 

It is a sad day when the Lame Cherry cares more about the Bush legacy in Jorge Bush than the entire Bush fam.

Mr. President, stop being a political whore for the Obama pimp.

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