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The Return of Stanley Ann Clinton

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Deep inside the pages of Wikileaks is one of the most nefarious reincarnations of  Stanley Ann Dunham for the Ford Foundation, that I was stunned in coming across it that I could not believe what I was reading.

For those who do not know what the intelligence asset was Stanley Ann Dunham was initiating in Indonesia, it was a project called Macrofinance, a program to give loans to unsuspecting 3rd world poor in order to exploit them as slave labor. It is slavery without chains, except those on the dotted line.

Stan Ann and the elites were hiding this as sewing machines for business, but like the Indian farmers who commit suicide soon found out, that buying expensive seed or machines, and being paid pennies a garment or bushel, leaves you worked to death, but the elite again billionaires.

I first noted something odd in a John Podesta email in which the Clinton Foundation is talking about setting up a money pipline for a "pipeline", but that they need a real estate financial specialist, and for that John Podesta recommends a Dave Chen.

> ----- Original Message ----- > From: John Podesta  
> To: Amitabh Desai > Cc: Katie McClain; Bruce Lindsey; Valerie Alexander; Doug Band - PC; Justin Cooper - PC >
Sent: Mon Dec 19 21:06:13 2011 >

 Subject: Re: > > I'd recommend Dave Chen at EQ Capital. Anyone but me know him? > >

On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 11:44 AM, Amitabh Desai > wrote: >> 

We need to bring on board - ideally as a volunteer - a good/creative investment banker who works on real estate

So the billion dollar Clinton Foundation wants a volunteer to run some operation, which is hinted at in the following:

> We are on a call with CA state fund managers and it's showing yet again that the fundamental issue (on financing building retrofits) is that the pipeline isn't structured in a digestable way for the folks with wallets. They say they have money and want to invest but are not seeing deals. And they need to see specific deals in order to proceed - they aren't interested in general conversations.

>> >> We don't speak their language, nor the do the people currently in this space who are encouraging its growth. We need a more cohesive financial case to make - a good finance person would help us to help the existing pipeline folks structure their offerings in a meaningful way. >> >> Just my two cents.

The pipeline might be this "pipeline":

The Entrepreneurship Pipeline Program

The problem is that this Clinton Foundation Operation is in 2013 and what Dave Chen was involved in with John Podesta was in 2011. In any event for those who do not comprehend the scope of this yet, let us enter in the United States regime of Barack Hussein Obama for something really troubling in the US Department of Agriculture is promoting private investment into Republican small America to exploit it.

This first appeared in Dave Chen praising the USDA Secretary who spoke to Wall Street loan sharks. Pay attention to the highlighted lines, as in this we have Dave Chen, now joined at the hip with John Podesta, of the Clinton Foundation, joined at the hip with the Obama regime, now joined at the hip with Wall Street exploitation of Americans in Republican rural areas who can not get loans for high risk ventures.

good luck in china

john, thank you again for coming and speaking. there was such a buzz about your talk. you can see the dialogue around sustainability has changed:” the institutional investor sees this increasingly as “a mainstream oppty."

 later that night, tom vilsack hit it out of the ball park with his talk about investing in ag and rural america. 

good luck in china.

I owe you that list of corporate leaders in “responsibility” thank you.


So you do not miss this. This is the Hillary for President campaign, with John Podesta of the Clinton Foundation, presenting an investment scheme to the loan sharks, who now see this as a mainstream investment opportunity in gaining access to Republican America.
(If you need an example, examine the North Dakota oil investment where Wall Street in taking almost 100% of the oil, and leaving North Dakota with pennies on the dollar in royalties which the Saudis now control through Citibank.)

This then is the first time Tom Vilsack of Iowa who is Secretary of Agriculture in the Obama regime, going to loan sharks and advocating they make money available to rubes and hayseeds to sheer them as slaves for profits.

Lastly, Dave Chen states that he owes John Podesta a list of corporate leaders in "responsibility" or are apparently responsible for something that John Podesta can exploit, in a quid pro quo for helping Dave Chen out in speaking at this loan shark forum.

What is taking place here is unethical, as it is high stakes investment without oversight in the regime allowing in monopoly loan sharks to put the slave chains on American in rural areas.

Vilsack actually posted this on the official US Government site at the USDA in naming two PRIVATE FUNDS, not Government protected programs to protect Americans, in setting this loose on rural America, as Stan Ann Dunham set this loose in Indonesia in NGO's or Non Government Organizations to exploit rural people.

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces New Private Funds to Make Investments in Rural America

WASHINGTON, April 29, 2015 - Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced the launch of two new private funds, known as Rural Business Investment Companies (RBICs), which make equity investments in rural businesses, helping them grow and create jobs. This announcement is part of USDA's ongoing efforts to help attract private sector capital to investment opportunities in rural America to help drive more economic growth in rural communities.
"These two new private funds will provide innovative small businesses throughout rural America access to the capital they need to grow and create jobs," Vilsack said. "At USDA, we are working hard to reenergize the rural economy, and we are enlisting more and more private sector partners to help achieve that goal. Rural Business Investment Companies will allow us to facilitate private investment in businesses working in bio-manufacturing, advanced energy production, local and regional food systems, improved farming technologies and other cutting-edge fields."
Innova Memphis and Meritus Kirchner Capital can now begin raising capital to constitute their funds. Meritus Kirchner Capital has set a goal of raising $100 million, while Innova Memphis has set a goal of raising $25 million for their respective funds. Once the funds have been raised, these companies will make equity investments in rural businesses with high-growth potential.
"We are very pleased to be working with USDA to fund innovative, early-stage startups in rural America," said Jan Bouten, partner at Innova Memphis. "This being our fourth fund, we will be able to hit the ground running and build on our strong track record in early-stage investing. We will work with partners such as Memphis Bioworks Foundation and Ag Innovation Development Group to build thriving innovation communities across the country."

Thriving "innovation communities"? I can tell you exactly what in the hell this is, because two years ago I contacted the US Soybean Council which is a group that collects money from farmers on every bushel of beans they sell, to produce new products.
The farmers are just fine in this. The problem is Congress or the regime has set up regulations that no Citizen can ever be awarded any of these funds. In fact, when you attempt to deal with the financing, you end up talking to some rude ass in Kansas who is part of this "investment procurement" operation, who literally told me, that I had to provide them my chemical formulas in order to gain even access.
So you understand this part, anyone handing over their formulas or ideas to financiers are going to find their ideas ending up in some conglomerate earning billions as you sit around being told they know absolutely nothing of what you are speaking about.

All of this is what I have been warning all of you about in the Socio Conglomerates, a corporate structure that pushes homosexuality, pedophilia and satan knows what, in a social overhaul of America by the conglomerates.
What we see in the Wikileaks emails though is John Podesta was administering Stanley Ann Dunham's macroeconomic investment schemes under the cover of the Clinton Foundation, the Hillary for President campaign, the US regime and Wall Street robbers.

Ask yourself when was the last time that Ronald Reagan was having the the US Government for Newt Gingrich, promote Wall Street investment in oil exploration? Ronald Reagan would have been in prison for getting anywhere near this, but this is what Obama Clinton are up to. They literally are creating "innovation communities" community organized in Republican areas, and what are the odds that the people who are going to be getting these "loans" are named Ahmed and Pepe, so these illegals are the ones owning the country, by driving up inflation in prices and the Americans are driven out?

This is the Return of Stanley Ann Dunham through Hillary Clinton. Literally a political campaign can NOT be having the Obama regime promote investment monopolies for political overthrow of rural America.

This is criminal.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.