Thursday, October 27, 2016

War at the Fed

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is something in this, that the Lame Cherry is about to explain in lifting the veil off of the stories you are hearing bits and pieces of, but receiving no explanations of.


WYNN: Printing Money Degrades Living Standard, Causes Anger...


We hear this constant call for raising interest rates, but to clue you in, the reason put to you is a lie of, "The economy is growing stronger". That is not what is behind this though and the Lame Cherry is about to tell you what is really taking place, and how precarious all of this is.

You remember the 2008 Obama Super Collapse and Super Depression which the regime prolonged? You remember it was derivative generated in debt was being traded as value?
The same debt has ballooned under the Obama regime, as the regime looted the US Treasury and dumped the money into Wall Street in bribes.
The Obama Fed has also lowered interest rates to zero percent, so that these conglomerates would take the free money being handed out, and inflate their stock prices with this money buying up stock, in a Ponzi scheme, which is now Wall Street.
Those conglomerates are using debt to expand their businesses like Amazon due to this low interest money which is the Obama economy dysfunction.

Now for the others side of this.

The debt traders or derivative traders, have been dumping that debt, because it is losing value now.

How is it losing value? It is losing value, because of the Obama cheap money being handed out.

See when there is not profit in buying up debt, which has no value in interest in it, then that debt implodes in value. That is what is taking place behind the scenes now, in the debt traders are taking horrific losses in dumping debt to other speculators who think this debt is a "deal", and as this debt concentrates, the powerful are calling for the Fed to raise rates, so that massive debt at zero interest owed by the world, will begin paying a profit like you have never seen.

Think of it in a quadrillion dollars in debt, and the Fed for these pirate traders raises interest a quarter of a percent or 1 percent......think if it went to 5 percent. The world would be owned in a short order, as no one could pay off this kind of massive Obama debt.

The Lame Cherry will whisper in this, that Hillary Clinton's economic policy is going to steal another 1.5 trillion more in taxes out of the US people's bank accounts each year. This will finish America and the world in this Obama Clinton quadrillion dollar debt  with a Fed now moving to spike interest rates, not to fix anything, but the debt traders to collapse everything and become the loansharks which bought up the world.

This is thee most brilliant scheme and no one has told you what it is, how it is being set and how it will bring the end of the world. That is until the Lame Cherry has explained it so that each of you now in your rudimentary understanding can comprehend the war at the Fed is hiding behind a propaganda of "fixing things", when it's real purpose is to seize the world for the feudal few.

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