Friday, October 14, 2016

Trump Clean Coal

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All of us have heard of Clean Coal, which was destroyed by the Obama regime, and how Hillary Clinton wants to make the millions of people associated with this industry welfare debt slaves in funding them to be educated for jobs no one has employment for in his Obama Super Depression. The Lame Cherry though desires to bring you to a reality of what Clean Coal is, because in America it is not just soot not in the atmosphere, but it is what coal companies do in mining, and Freedom Mine in Beulah North Dakota is something all of you should be aware of, whether you are right wing or left wing.

Freedom Mine (ND) - SourceWatch

Freedom Mine (ND) From SourceWatch. ... North Dakota. The mine supplies lignite to the Great Plains Synfuels Plant, ... "Freedom Mine," North American Coal;

Freedom Mine is an open ground mining company, meaning they come in, scrape away the dirt, and scoop up the mine in the coal veins. The particular coal deposits Freedom has are  the ones that Teddy Roosevelt used to scratch coal from when he had a ranch in the North Dakota Badlands.

We have all heard of the clear cut, scorched earth mining, but that is a thing of the past, because Freedom Mine just won an award for environmental restoration in North Dakota and this company is an American standard which all need to know what coal is.

Freedom mines LIGNITE which is a low grade coal that is brown and meant for massive power plants as it is cheap and produces cheap electricity. North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Minnesota have numerous coal fired plants bringing electricity to large metro areas.

What Freedom does is open pit mining, but it is more. They build dams and reservoirs so that not one drop of run off ever reaches a watershed. It is all contained.

The particular open pit mine at Beulah was 12 square miles. That would be about 10,000 acres or what would be considered a wildlife preserve size. This is important to understand because Freedom too private land and made a coal mine out of it, after paying the owners a royalty. Then Freedom restored all of the land better than before, so the coal benefited Americans and now those landowners have better land than they had before.

In this project Freedom built 32 ponds in this region, which will be a boom to wildlife and agriculture. That increased size of water by Lake Sacajawea, one of the biggest water impoundments in America, will increase rain in an arid region, making it more habitable.

People need to know that this is what Donald Trump is speaking about for all of America, as America is overflowing with coal. Coal is not dirty, not strip mines, not scorched earth. Coal has been transformed to clean burning power plants which could employ hundreds of thousands of Americans with high paying jobs, and American lands will be husbanded by American industry in terra forming huge tracks of America to paradises for humans, wildlife and agriculture and development.

This is an amazing thing which very few people know about, but it is vital for everyone to understand how wonderful all of this is. There is no pollution. This funds no terrorists. It improves nature, and by having all those above ground water ponds leeching into the subsoil, it replenishes the aquifers America has an immense supply of.

Think of it in this 10,000 acre tract that before it was coal mined it had maybe 2 shallow water holes, and only Sacajawea, and now there are 30 more "lakes" there which will raise fish, water wildlife, raise ducks and geese with shore birds, and if so utilized by their owners, will provide irrigation and livestock watering.

America has a choice in 2016 in Donald Trump creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs and enhancing the environment or Hillary Clinton making welfare debt slaves of more of us, as we can not afford electricity.

I realize that most of you shock and awe readers always want the sensational stories, but this is the sensational story. Think of each of you earning over 50,000 dollars and having more than enough money for everything you and your family ever dreamed of, instead of 50,000 in school loan debt which you will never repay.

Freedom Mines is creating paradise, all through coal mining and high paying American jobs. That is the Trump vision for America and do not be led away by Clinton talking points and smears as this is what this election is about.