Monday, October 3, 2016

When American Presidents Fail

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What would a series of articles be in praising American Presidents, without the parable of the warning of failed, incompetent and malevolent Presidents.

There basically are five Presidents, with Woodrow Wilson unleashing German Genocide, having speculators cause the Great Depression and Franklin Roosevelt using that Depression to seize power for his community organized America looting of America, as the successful progenitors of despotry in America. The final three are the worst in Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Birther Hussein Obama.

One must understand in failures of despotry, that "failure" does not mean they failed what they were attempting to accomplish for non American interests, but they failed in protecting the American People. For Barack Hussein Obama has been one of the most successful despots in American and world history. He stated he was going to change America and he did. He turned it into managed misery, community organized in race hatred, all overseen by the police state for looting the US Treasury for Wall Street.

William Jefferson Clinton began as Obama to pay his political debts but failed thankfully, as Bill Clinton did not overthrow the American government as Obama did. Clinton made enemies of state of most Americans, and in debauchery soul raped Americans to degrading knowledge, and used the Presidency as his personal lobby for profit group, but while being a tool of the globalists, he at least attempted to prosper America.
It is just that Bill Clinton was immoral and his greatest failure was that he hired amoral people who thought America was a political game to stick it to the Republicans, and never realized that making America brazen to sin the great harm it would do.

Before the illegitimate Obama and the bastard William Jefferson Rockefeller Blythe Clinton, there was the most failed of Presidents in Jimmy Carter. In Mr. Carter is the lesson, for Jimmy Carter was touted as the most brilliant man ever, until Bill Clinton and until Barack Obama seized that genius title.

On paper, Jimmy Carter seemed all America after the Watergate coup against Richard Nixon could hope for. He was a moral man, he was a Naval officer, he was very intelligent, he was politically accomplished as Governor of Georgia and he wanted to turn the imperial presidency to the people again.

The problem with Jimmy Carter though is, he was self righteous and not moral. He was in the Navy, but not a leader. He was IQ intelligent, but not God's common sense, and while a politician, he never understood that a politician anticipates where the public is going, and helps form that direction for the benefit of the country. (Something Bill Clinton was very successful at.)

I remember President Ronald Reagan upon being elected, paid a political call upon Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill, his political nemesis, and asked the Speaker, "Why did Jimmy Carter fail?"
O'Neill juggled his hands and said, "Too many balls in the air at one time".

Jimmy Carter failed at crafting every policy and peace, because he never comprehended diplomacy or had a vision as Richard Nixon did, in a multi dimensional reason, process and outcome to accomplish the action.

I will explain it this way, in you have see a fork is needed to eat your supper. Jimmy Carter only would focus on the fork. Richard Nixon would not just see the fork, but see who else might want that fork, the obstacles on the floor to reaching that fork, figuring out where that fork was stored, and what that fork would be used for and how it would be washed and put away again for a successful action, for the next President to use that fork.

President Carter was a person who simply could not comprehend Americans. When his policies created the misery index (actually half as severe as Americans now suffering under the Obama regime) he went to Camp David and secluded himself for days, inviting all the geniuses of the world and listening to them or lecturing to them, and after those days of seclusion, he emerged on television for a national speech which stated,"

"I have talked to everyone. I have examined this failure, and I have concluded, that it is not my fault, but it is all of your fault".

A shocked and disgusted American People voted en mass for Ronald Reagan.

The shockwave of Jimmy Carter in his human rights drives still are terrorizing the world, as he is responsible for the terrorists in Iran, as he removed the Shah of Iran and allowed into power the nuclear mullahs of the Islamocommunist state. Mr. Carter had ample opportunity to push Human Rights on American Enemies, but Mr. Carter instead destroyed American allies, to which America has never recovered from the loss.

It is the entire Carter misery, for he was a miserable man inside. He always saw the cup half empty and never a Ronald Reagan filling cup. We are all now aware of high energy prices, driven higher by Barack Hussein Obama green looting of America. This set in under Jimmy Carter as American coal, steel and auto collapsed under his lack of leadership.
If one searches the archives online, you will find a speech by Jimmy Carter, in which he tried to resurrect the Franklin Roosevelt fireside chats.

Americans of that era were like Americans now in being in despair, could not afford things and energy prices were high. America with John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon had just landed a man on the moon a decade before in visionary heights, but Jimmy Carter seeing a constructed oil shortage and American industry failing, announced in front of a fireplace with a moth eaten looking nasty sweater this:

"Turn down your thermostats to 65 degrees and freeze, and I am going to make it a crime to drive over 55 mph."

Think of that in the American Fracing revolution in how much oil was under America and how much American industry would have been propelled forward, if Jimmy Carter simply had a vision of hope instead of failure at that key time.
Of course the oil industry of the cartel is now trying to shut down fracing not from pollution, but from propaganda to create a rationing again so they can drive up fuel prices to make slaves of the western peoples, and is why they are backing Clinton wars with Russia and China, but this is the world of Jimmy Carter in funding terror Islam, instead of progressing Christian American peaceful industry.

Jimmy Carter took down the throne of America, and when he attempted to shove America over the cliff, the people would not respond to his commands as Americans never will. Carter violated the Thomas Jefferson maxim of the President always notes the will of the people and then marshalls that will in the direction it is driving for the good of the People.

That is the lesson in this in the failed Presidents. Failure as a President is to take hope from the People, to degrade their morals and to take their country from them, for the first opportunity those Americans get, they will demand it all torn down and rebuilt to the America of that shining city on a hill.

Jimmy Carter was the most failed President in history. Bill Clinton failed America by being immoral as did his amoral staff. Woodrow Wilson failed America in his socialism and Franklin Roosevelt failed America in his treachery and treason, which produced a Socio Conglomerate feudal globalism that installed the illegitimate Birther Obama, the most loathsome despot in American history betraying the trust of the American People.

President Elect Donald Trump has it correct as a leader in telling Americans to have hope and to envision a positive goal of making America great again, by protecting Americans and allowing them to fulfill their own vision of greatness, because America is not going to be made great if Ford brings back cars from Mexico in that treachery, as it will not affect Americans in what they are dreaming for. Americans simply want a fair chance, the opportunity to be stupid as they like and have enough money to delight them, as they are set free from Obama mandates.

Hillary Clinton is no Bill Clinton. She is an extension of Obama dictatorship and let them eat cake. That is why she is failing in politics in she protects special interests over the American interest, and that is what Americans hear.

Americans do not want an old sick woman, who is lying to them, a criminal and is the haunting ghost of the failures of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and the Banshee Obama wailing in their ears. Failed Presidencies are not because American in that office or good or evil. Failed Presidencies are when that person in the Oval Office forget they are the employee of every American and those failures either through ignorance or intent to the harm of Americans.

This concludes this examination of American Presidents.