Sunday, October 2, 2016

For whom the Ballot trolls

Wary of Election Hacks, U.S. Urges States to Get Security Help

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CIA's Gold Standard for Influencing Foreign Elections ...

These examples of the CIA's manipulation of foreign elections or foreign governments are but the tip ... the agency's overthrow of Iran's Prime Minister ...

This of course is a hypothetical, as if what if the matrix of thought was consulted by inquiry, and it pointed to, what if those who are the cartel, would in sub operational groups, run a group of hackers in order to secure the victory in the American elections for Hamrod.

They might be running an operation to know exactly what to trigger in voting systems, through various ping points, but the last route would track from America, back inside Russia, through a microwave set up in Georgia, connected to a fire wire in Italy which ends up back in America again. Perhaps Langley.

What is the difference between protector and predator, for they both claim the same tools, and have the same prejudices upon who they protect or prey upon.

If someone was going to secure the key United States electronic vote in taking it out of State oversight or insight, then that centralized vote count would depend upon the honesty of those who control that system.

A tyranny of a majority or a tyranny of a minority are the same tyranny.

CIA admits to spying on Senate | TheHill

CIA officials improperly hacked the Senate Intelligence Committee's computers as staffers compiled a report on "enhanced interrogation" techniques, the spy ...

GCHQ and NSA Targeted Private German Companies - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Documents show that Britain's GCHQ intelligence service infiltrated German Internet firms and America's NSA obtained a court order to spy on Germany and collected ...

The NSA's Disturbingly Successful Hack Of The US Military

The NSA's disturbingly successful hack of the American military. Slate. Sign In Sign Up. The NSA Hacked Into the U.S. Military by Digging Through Its Trash.

Apple wants the FBI to reveal how it hacked the San ...

Apple Inc. refused to give the FBI software the agency desperately wanted. Now Apple is the one that needs the FBI's assistance.
What would happen if the system arrayed against other nations were to look like if it were arrayed against Americans for the type of community organized change of the oligarchs they believe in.
Blaming Russia, then taints a Donald Trump landslide, which would be propaganda for the press to stop Trump reforms. Rig it for Mrs. Clinton and her regime has the stamp of approval of security forces as we all know we can trust our protectors.