Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Neo Mutant Species

File:Map prevailing winds on earth.png

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Global Wind Patterns

Pondering things is an exercise. Infusing data creates an operation.

This has to do with statements like those from Tim Rifat stating the amount of cobalt it would require from Elon Musk batteries to turn all the world into a humanicide reality.

If one studies the wind patterns, one can ascertain that one device would make it impossible as the planetary winds predominantly run in bands.

File:Oceanic gyres.png

The oceans have their gyers or whirlpools for effect.

File:Atmospheric circulation.svg

Then there are 6 major wind bands on the planet working in convergence in funneling air to streams, concentrating material as in the infamous cobalt.

The short answer in this is there are concentrations, and then disbursement. As particles disburse, they lose their lethal effectiveness.

Diluting  would occur due to weather, or to the point rain or snow precipitation which would produce fall out, or hot spots, cleansing the atmosphere.
There is a process in this of upper atmosphere contamination as in volcanic or meteoric action, as much as hot zone re circulation by weather.

Cobalt 60 is already in use for eradication of organisms in fruits. It actually sterilizes insects and causes them to stop eating. It has a process of killing blooded creatures, but not sap creatures. A world filled with dead carcasses producing disease and the Cobalt eradicating the diseases.

There is something about a grid pattern requirements, and there are things like Planet X with mile high tidal waves, Yellowstone Calderas, and whatever other toxic events which have never wiped out human life. The fact is God came close in the Noah Deluge and that is it.
The fact is the Bible says unless the Great Tribulation is shortened in those 3 1/2 years no life would be left alive. That though is a reality of over 3 years of cross grid effect of various toxins which humanity has taken tax dollar production from to protect itself, in order to doomsday itself.

The reality is there will always be the buffalo, hunted to near extermination, but extermination was an impossibility, and the species survived and repopulated, as in the day of Noah. It is logical to conclude that turning off the electric for a few months, some rain and cold and heat, dirty water, and lack of genetic strength would crop equal amounts of life as even a grid effect Cobalt pattern.

Like rats in General Mills, it would require numerous noxious methods to reduce the vermin, but in the end there are still the breeding pairs to repopulate, to produce a stronger genetic structure.

Cobalt 60 defeating numerous disease to the effect that a new human mutant would appear that survives radiation. That sounds more like an advancement of species as in other cataclysm and not the boogerman effect.

Would the Neanderthal have dominated if it only had sucked on a Cobalt sucker as fellatio instead of Bertha Butt? 

This study bores me at this point, so the grey matter seeks new stimulus to ponder and add data.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

global map with cobalt production