Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Fairy Pee Rain

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Fairy Pee.

Yes that is a Lame Cherry copyrighted original. You ever hear anyone say Fairy Pee, and that is me.

Fairy Pee is something that comes in many forms. Take for example if someone has some Mountain Dew and you have some water in your glass which you forgot about on a 100 degree day and they share it with you.
You take a swig of it  and it tastes like warm, sweet, nothingness, which is a bit too viscous to deal with, and you think,"This tastes just like fairy pee, and you swallow it as there is nothing you can do with it, being polite".

Fairy Pee also is what I say it is.

It is like today, TL and I were walking. Mom had asked us last night about rain, and I assured her it had stopped by the forecast and no more rain. Of course, there was no rain on that day either forecast, but it still rained.

So we are walking and out of the southeast is this wind blowing, and we are getting Fairy Pee rain. You know what Fairy Pee rain is. It is that blessed mist that gets you wet, but waters nothings, and grows nothing but mosquitoes and weeds.

So it was raining Fairy Pee and TL says to me, "That sounds like thunder." I say, that it can not be thunder as the Fairy Pee is coming from the east with a strong wind, so it must be the neighbor banging around things in his junk lot.
You don't have a neighbor with a payloader, car crusher and junk lot next door? You really should as people no longer mistake my junk pile for a junk lot as the neighbor really has a junk lot, complete with mud as grass no longer will grow there with all the burned tires, dripping toxic waste and there being more traffic there than in downtown LA.

So we get inside and it thunders........from the West. So I apologize to TL as it was thunder and then it rains. No not Fairy Pee rain, but this is Cow Whip........different from Horse Whip, as ........oh you probably do not know what whip is. Whip is piss from a horse that gets whipped on you by their tail on a hot day.
Nothing is more welcome on the planet than being sweaty, having flies bite and stick to you, and then have a mare piss and swish her tail through horse pee and whip it on you.
Never fails this happens when you have your new cowboy hat on, and you had your Saturday bath with clean clothes and you are just getting on the horse to prove to the city kid that it will not buck her off to kill her.

Cow Whip is bigger drops than Horse Whip, and we were having Cow Whip as I had to go out and shut the turkeys in, so they would not be drown by Cow Piss size rain. Oh and cow tails for some reason are like hacksaw blades cutting into your face. Cow Whip is a bit smoother too like Mary Kay moisturizers as cow poop always comes with Cow Whip. Nothing like having cow crap sawed into your skin as a nice moisturizer.

So now you know what Fairy Pee is. Fairy Pee has taste and Fairy Pee has lack of volume. It is what you think Tinkerbelle is like in the coming Disney versions now that all the foreigners are working there and Americans are fired.