Sunday, November 13, 2016

Ambling Along RePosting Lame Cherry

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was asked again about reposting the things here and I will try and clarify and repeat a few things.

What I have problems with are this endless parade of fools who steal things here non stop, pretending they thought of it, in order to look intelligent to the fools they post things in front of on Facebook, or hand talking points to Donald Trump and it appears in debates. (I am not going to go into detail about this due to respect for President Trump, but in the debates with Hillary Clinton when it came to an economics question, that was my stuff which went without quote. I understand that as I am toxic for purpose, but if someone in the Trump campaign passed those points along and took credit for it, that does piss me off as I am the poor person who gets Homoland interviews on my doorstep.)

Now for the rules:

Anyone can post anything, as long as your are not a dumb fuck, changing content, or stealing it as your own to make a profit or to get nudie pictures from hot chics online as women like big brains.

As I said I am poor and this has been a bit taxing this past year and a half and God does not appreciate your stealing things from His Inspiration.

I will use this example. Say you have a publication and you use content here. You are welcome to do it with credit to the blog. If it makes you rich, then share something here. I do not charge for what God Inspires me. It would just be nice if most people were not selfish deadbeats.

All of this became an issue on Facebook, when I had people friending me, stealing content as their ideas, and then these assholes were trashing me in posts to their clique. That is really shitty. Shitty as those people with crapper lives trying to pick fights with TL or myself, because people hate them in real life, and they lurk around on the net as failures, as if they pulled things like that in real life, they would get the shit kicked out of them in a bar.

JUST DO NOT POST THIS BLOG TO THE FBI WALL or other government agencies, as that is what Homeland informed me, as that will bring a visit of Homeland to your home and you can visit with them. That is probably nothing you want to happen, so leave the alphabet agencies alone, even if in a Trump Presidency they are your Police State now to love and adore.

I realize there are a huge number of idiots out there. They have nothing now in Obama Bush stole everything from them. So all they have is trying to validate themselves online in public boards to try and look intelligent by being asses picking on others, and they are always stealing content, or keep around people in their friend's lists to inflict upon.........and the afflicted keep them around to have at least something appearing on their wall.

Really my children, will you delete these assholes and give all of us some peace. First off men, man up, a those skanky she bitches you have on your walls being shrews are not going to give you sex, and are only using you to suck your life force out of you to validate mean nothing to them.
As for you gals, those fat bully males are only dragging you down. Just because they once shit in a toilet squatted over by Bob Dole is not the kind of power that is ever going to do you any good. They will just use you and drag you down.

My unasked for advice is this. Do what you like to do best, and write and post about that. Makes no difference if it is raising chickens or fixing computers. You will get people who will like that, and it will be better for your lists. Of course, you are going to have endless morons pasting on your wall telling you what to do and how they are smarter than the turnip you are, but that is what the block and delete buttons are for.

God blesses me well enough as this past week I was amused in the Trump Landslide became a catch phrase after it was posted here. I am just trying like most of you to get a place of our own, with some land so I do not have a combine blowing chaff on my lawn or some gun blaster shooting at my cats.

Put it this way, do you go into people's houses and take things without permission or thanking them? This is my house, so show some respect, because the last thing you want to be is like Rush Limbaugh in being an old lizard who had to steal net content, because he was burned out of new ideas. You have enough problems in looking in the mirror without seeing a brain fraud too.

You do not have to keep asking permission to post things. Just use your brain in where things are posted so you do not get into trouble with Homeland and when it is appropriate give credit as it is God's workings.

Hope that explains things.