Sunday, November 13, 2016

The German Right and Left Agree: Donald Trump Stopped World War III

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As you are being forced to focus on the America left in treason with the American criminal press fomenting election unrest, it would be good to listen to the German leaders who speak for the people, in their assessment that by God's Grace, thee American People electing Donald Trump has saved the world from another world war.

The German right in Willie Wimmer stated Mr. Trump had stopped global war, and the German left in Sahra Wagenknecht analyzed this as a situation that the American People voted for real change they believed in.

Donald Trump's victory has prevented a global conflict, Willy Wimmer, a former Parliamentary State Secretary in the German Defense Ministry and a leading politician of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU), told Sputnik Deutschland on Wednesday.
"I was so relieved, like never before, for I had a feeling this morning that this decision saved us from a great war. I believe that the new American President, unlike his opponent, is ready for a reasonable, practicable and trustworthy collaboration with other countries in the world — and that gives me hope," Wimmer emphasized.
According to Wimmer, Berlin did not take into consideration the national interest of Germany when expressing its attitude to the US presidential campaign participants. "I think that the President of the Federal Republic, the Federal Chancellor, and, above all, the Foreign Minister, have not taken into account the interests of the German people. By [offering] one-sided support for one candidate and partially offensive comments about the other they have done the German people a lot of harm. This is an unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of another country, and after the election campaign ended, it may backfire at their own people," he pointed out.
The German politician especially criticized German President Joachim Gauck for what he called "intolerable" rhetoric.
"I think it would be a good thing for him to resign soon," Wimmer remarked.

Sahra Wagenknecht, leader of Germany's Left Party, explained that the German elite have appeared to be completely divorced from reality.
"The politicians, who now stand with sad expressions and who are in shock about what has happened [in the US], don't really understand anything. The United States public first and foremost voted for change, rather than specifically for Donald Trump,"
However, according to Wagenknecht, only time will tell whether the US leadership will bring its perpetual wars to an end.

The people have had it with these endless wars for the cartel, in both the right and the left. It will take prosecutions of George Soros and his American left anarchists though to stop the violence in America, because these traitors protesting Donald Trump, are protesting PEACE and are promoting the global war which the world has stepped back from in the election of Donald Trump as President of these now United States.

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