Tuesday, November 29, 2016

An Offer They Can Not Refuse


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A message must be conveyed to FBI Director James Comey from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, that the following actions will  be initiated.

Director Comey will fire his #2 Assistant immediately for conflict of interest in his wife accepting money from Hillary Clinton conduits in Virginia.

Director Comey will fire his #3 for not recusing himself in conflicts of interest in reviewing the Hillary Clinton Emails found on Anthony Wiener and Huma Abedin's hard drive when this agent was a good friend of Clinton campaign chief, John Podesta, and represented Mr. Podesta in legal matters keeping Mr. Podesta out of prison.

Finally, Attorney General Sessions after this matter is solved will inform the FBI Director of the following:

  1. Director Comey will  resign immediately or be suspended while a full Justice Department and Congressional Inquiry examines the Directors part in not advising Justice to indict Mrs. Clinton on her Emailgate and Clinton Foundation crimes.
  2. Director Comey will be fired and face immediate inquiry by Justice and Congress for his part in the above cover up.
  3. Director Comey will be resign immediately while his part in the above criminal matters are under review by Justice and Congressional hearings.

It is hoped that Director Comey will exhibit common sense in self preservation of his reputation in offering his resignation, as his actions have revealed absolutely not any bias for preserving the reputation of the FBI in his tenure.

Director James Comey has been directly implicated in criminal bribes, criminal cover up and criminal murder in the following 3 cases:

  1. Case 1, the paying of terrorists for American hostages
  2. Case 2, the murder of LaVoy Finicum in Oregon peaceful protests
  3. Case 3, the myriad of crimes of Hillary Clinton.

Director Comey has created an Obama stench in the FBI, the same stench which permeated the BATF in Gun Runner and Hutatree, the same stench which permeated the IRS in persecution of Tea Party Patriots and the same stench as State in Clinton quid pro quo. In order for the reputation of the FBI to be restored, Director James Comey and his subordinates must all be fired immediately or resign, and competent Americans placed in oversight of the greatest criminal investigative law enforcement group in the world.

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