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August 16, 2016 AD

Luxury line: The Rising Sun (above) was bought by Geffen in 2010 from another billionaire, Larry Ellison

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Numbers of you have been desiring to know the insider knowledge of what this 2016 campaign was all about.  I have told you about the WWE playbook and other things, but now am about to inform you of things which were in plain sight, but they are things which get people murdered.

These realities are being pointed out, due to the fact that some people could not keep their mouths shut and were so in need of validation, that they had to steal the work of others to make themselves look important.
There are rules in this, that once something is made public, it can be discussed, and it will now be discussed here, so you will understand the inner mafia war which all of you were witnessing, but could not link the events to make any sense of them.

Why do you think no one ever asked why a liberal like Julian Assange was helping Donald Trump? Why do you think these hackers appeared? Why do you think Guciffer appeared on the scene? Why do you think Russia is being blamed, and the Washington Post which does nothing but lie, is pointing to the reason Donald Trump won, was because Russian intelligence manipulated the news with "fake news" and it spread like wildfire.

Need you be reminded that for 100 years, since the Lenin overthrow of Russia for the Schiff's and Rothschilds to plunder those peoples, Russian propaganda and intelligence has been so backward that it could not convince even their own inmates to believe it, so how did it in 2016 suddenly take on this superpower form, in being able to unweave Tavistock brainconditioning of generations?

August 16, 2016.

You missed that date and none of you figured it out. It was the date though that everything changed, but you missed it.

Should I stop here like the majority of you rich people in not donating, to keep you in the dark, as you keep me in poverty, as you can afford the big donation.......but then you think you are safe in the Trump victory, and have no idea what this Jehu has around him.

Did you know that Jared Kurschner combined with American Enterprise Institute Steve Forbes to take the front cover, as the man who won this Trump victory, and not God? Did you know he was bragging about the Alamo Project, and how 100 employees in San Antonio won this election in suppressing black vote, turned out white votes..........all things beyond even Robert Mercer who was backing Ted Cruz could not get more than 23% of Cruztards to bite on?
Yes and Robert Mercer's daughter is of American Enterprise, and odd thing after the Jared Kurschner and Mike Pence coup, only AEI and the Ashkenaz cronies were appointing folks, as all the other competitors had been dismissed, like Chris Christie.

You are being told things, so pay attention to the intelligence.

Now why would a failed Jared Kurschner with his rythmns be taking credit and bragging on things, if you just checked the numbers, you could see it was Evangelicals who delivered this victory by God's Grace.


"Hogan's Heroes" To the Gestapo with Love (TV Episode 1968)

The Gestapo brings three lovely ladies into the camp to interrogate the prisoners. ... Hogan's Heroes ... To the Gestapo with Love . TV-PG | 30min | Comedy, War ...

LeBeau was a character on the comedy Hogan's Heroe's who told pretty German SS interigators all sorts of things in small talk, like he used to play in a tunnel in Paris, which the SS reported was a resistance tunnel filled with munitions.
See people always are nattering about what is on their mind, but they can not tell you the real secret information, because it will get them into trouble.

So why was Jared Kurschner and Steve Forbes colluding about Alamo Project which was simply an amplification of 5% in what God was perfoming in 95%?

August 16th, 2016.
Still do not know the date do you. It was the period when the first coup took place in Corey Lewandowski was fired by Ivanka Trump and Paul Manafort seized power.

So now you think you know it all.....too bad as that is not the event, so perhaps I should stop here, as all that was, was a cover for what was really taking place.

Someone was doing a great deal of damage to the Clinton campaign in the hackers were busy, especially Guciffer 2. I have no idea who Guciffer 2 is, and intend to keep it that way, but if you search the archives, I stated I believed I knew the origins of this persistant person who has now for some reason disappeared, and no one is hunting them. Sort of odd now is it not, that the NSA which knows all, has lost interest in all of this.......and most interesting in this is the NSA and FBI, had absolutely no interest in the Alamo Project nor in these hackers.

August 16th, 2016.

Do you know where people were on that important date? How about I ask about two specific people or make it three, and then you ponder what are the odds of these three people ending up in the same area of the world, and then ask yourself if you believe the story of why they were there.

Vice President Joe Biden.

Yes Joe Biden was not in America in this period of time, but he was in Serbia. You remember Dirty Serbs from Maddie Albright who hated them, and it was so vital that Joe Biden flew all the way to Serbia, to apologize for Clinton blowing them up in the Kosovo War and stealing their lands for a Muslim enclave.
Some might call that a bizarre story and wonder instead what Joe Biden was doing over there in Yugo land, but let us ask another question first.

But first, someone knew Joe Biden was coming and decided to rub in the fact that they had made the deal first.

BELGRADE, Aug 16 (Reuters) - Hundreds of Serbian ultra-nationalists protested on Tuesday against U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Belgrade by chanting their support for Donald Trump.

Jared Kurschner and Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Vacation on Hillary Clinton Donor's Yacht off Croatia: Photos

Why these two with the Trump campaign imploding, decided to take a vacation, without the children on David Geffen's yacht, with Mrs. Rupert Murdoch along, off the coast of Bosnia, which is in Yugo land too.

Testing the waters: Ivanka and Wendi Deng on the yacht Friday afternoon off the coast of Croatia

 Ivanka Kushner and Deng Murdoch

Now what would the Vice President of the United States really being doing in the Balkans, and why on earth would Donald Trump's first daughter, and Ashkenaz son in law, who was running the computer manipulation programs which he could not shut up about, be doing in the same Balkans, surrounded by lines of Hillary Clinton donors. 

Gang's all here: Geffen had some of the Democratic party's biggest supporters on his yacht earlier this year, including Bruce Springsteen, Oprah Winfrey and Jimmy Iovine (l to r: Rita Wilson, guest, Patti Scialfa and Bruce Springsteen, Gayle King, Nancy Shevell and Paul McCartney, Oprah Winfrey, Geffen, Roman Abramovich's wife Dasha Zhukova, Jimmy Iovine and guest)

 Geffen and the Obama Clinton rabid Trump haters

Let us play what if, as that is safer.

What if, these hackers were not Russian, which they were not. What if the NSA could not touch them. What if two meetings took place, one from the Obama regime and one from the Kurschner fam, and Kurschner was in the right place and Joe Biden was in the wrong place. What if an understanding took place, perhaps a financial understanding whereby information would be kept streaming as it would help one American campaign, and not be silenced as some regime in DC might desire to help another American campaign.

What if a vacation like an official apology visit was about payoffs, and the bidder who won, with the hackers, was the one who did not intend to start a war with Russia, as these hackers are quite patriotic and nationalist.

Do you sort of understand what is going on in this, and if someone started investigating this, there would be numbers of alphabet agencies which had a part in this, would not appreciate it being looked into as forces larger than a Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were involved in this election.

It probably has crossed your mind, that what this looks like, in what ifs, in people not keeping their mouths shut and taking credit for things, and others with idiot cover stories, could really end up in prison for a very long time.
It probably has crossed your mind that most intelligence agencies in this world, witnessed all of this, and probably have concluded that this would be great blackmail material to get a Trump Administration to agree to things, as in order to stop this, a certain son in law, would have to take all credit for it, like Alamo, and end up in the courts as democrats made this into the next Watergate.

I know from Reverse Speech that President Donald Trump is an honest man. It appears that things were going on behind his back, that depending on how big the cover up is on the left in their part of this, the President is going to have to disavow any part in this, as Ronald Reagan with Iran Contra, when HW Bush was busy minding the store.

Now you know things, which appears that MI6 London and the American CIA knew of, as they took care to publish a record of all of this in the UK press and Washington Post, as well as AOL. Someone wanted to make certain these events were published, so that it would be valuable later.

See some children are not as intelligent as they think they are. It is why popular girls just like to do silly things like paint their nails and play dress up.