Saturday, November 26, 2016

President Trump, You Need Counsel

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The President is in a bit of a problem, because certain people who kept him out of the loop, made certain alliances, payments and promises to certain people who were burned, namely the internationally quoted American in this article, because he had been promised something, and now things have gone Mr. Snowden is now voicing certain things, as people promised him something, and now he has retaliated

“What is most surprising about this election, according to my information, is that the electronic voting machines were clearly rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor, but Russian hackers cunningly used this to their advantage and inverted the process towards Donald Trump in the last moments leading to his election,” he added.

If you noticed in this, the Obama regime which stole elections is swearing off this Clinton recount. Someone who is named Soros is funding Jill Stein's little Wisconsin voting examination and that is why Mr. Snowden is exploiting the opening which someone created in dealing with these hackers.
This is real intelligence assets and groups. Some of whom have been screwed over, and are now engaged in a process on what Soros is up to, to extract what was promised with interest.

It was not Russian hackers. It was Americans voting in the 70% grouping for Donald Trump, overcoming all of the e vote and physical vote fraud for Hamrod.

Mr. President, you have surrounded yourself with scheming trolls of Koch and Fur, who think they were up to the Casey game, and now have created an immense problem.
The advice in this is, as Mr. Trump did not engaged in election theft, and does not have Casey associations to handle this, that perhaps those who were engaged in this should probably be disavowed and removed from association with the transition and campaign. It is assessed that the confession by those involved that no one else was involved, would suffice.

Perhaps someone should have paid what was promised and not have judged that they knew how to deal with the adults.

As an exclusive in matter anti matter, I have already posted an exclusive tomorrow from two days ago, because this required explanation in August 16th.

The President has not followed the advice provided here. He has booted God and the Christians for Pence and another messiah, and surrounded himself with traitors. This isolation now has sprung the Wisconsin letting of blood.......and oh look, it is Rat Ryan, Reince Priebus and Scott Walker, all for Big Koch as Pence is their conduit that is moving this all to crippling  the President for replacement........and that huge problem that Edward Snowden knows about, amplifying this Soros coup.

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