Saturday, November 5, 2016

Before the Kitties can Eat

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

I happened upon something which makes absolutely no sense and I still do not have the answer to this, but as it is a problem, it is something the public should be aware of.

You know how milk is right. Pours, is liquid, and if you leave it set out what happens?

It sours right?

Well since we have been invaded by kitties, it requires milk for them. The littlest one which currently drives it's little fangs into my hands like needles, so as I type this they are tingle, as this is kitten sport in the greatest enjoyment on the planet, has milk it drinks.

This is Vitamin D, homogenized, pasteurized, genuine grade A, dairy cow produce.

Something though happens as it sits out. I turns into what looks like yogurt. No shit, it turns solid like pudding.

I had thought maybe it was heating it in the microwave to warm it........but that is not it. I had thought it might be cat saliva putting an enzyme in it, but that is not it. I have never witnessed milk like this, that it simply coagulates like making cheese, all without heat, all without acid. It just turns into a solid.

Yogurt takes like 90 degrees to become yogurt, but that is not 90 degrees, and is in fact around 70 degrees if not 60 degrees on the floor. The older cats appear to eat it as good as anything, but the kitties prefer non solid milk.

This stuff does not break down to milk solids and whey. There is no water. It simply looks like white paint if you leave it too long uncovered.

I have no idea what the hell they are doing to milk here. What treatment it is. If it is hormones to make them milk more or what the devil is up with it, but I am mystified by the product as it is doing something which it can not possible do, and it is doing it.

Back in the day, milk would be kept days on B grade farms without any problems. Cream separates out in non homogenized milk in a few days, but this is not separating. It is just odd and I wonder what the Obama super dairy and agribusiness industry has been up to, because the milk here has changed.

Blessed thing. Never thought you had to worry about your glass of milk turning into a glass of yogurt before the kitties could lap it up.