Saturday, November 5, 2016

For the sake of the Democratic Party

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The Indian Ring

Tea Pot Dome

Tamminy Hall


What was the Tammany Hall scandal? - Quora

A big scandal involving New York City Hall political abuse, corruption and nepotism during the 'Gilded Age'. Wikipedia will certainly have more information on it than me.

Trader post scandal - Wikipedia

Trader post scandal The trader post ... Custer was rumored to have anonymously aided the New York Herald in their investigation into Indian Traderpost rings, ...

Graft and Oil: How Teapot Dome Became the Greatest Political ...

In the 1920s, Teapot Dome became synonymous with government corruption and the scandals arising out of the administration of President Warren G. Harding.

Watergate scandal - Wikipedia

Watergate was a major political scandal that occurred in the United States in the 1970s, following a break-in at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters ...

For most of us, the above names resonate through our memories of something in America as the epitome of political corruption, which were so ingrained that politicians and business leaders, simply never devolved to this pay and play, bribery and money laundering, and quid pro quo, because powerful people were destroyed and went to prison.

This is what I can not comprehend in the Clinton Emailgate and Clinton Foundation scandal, is because with all of this known history of illegality and the destruction of lives, the Clintons engaged in this wreckless misbehavior any way, in not reasoning that this would all come out sometime.

If you add up the corruption of the Inidan Ring, Tea Pot Dome, Tamminy Hall and Watergate, together they still do not equal to what the Clintons were engaged in. The Clintons were selling international access like the Indian Ring, were selling influence like Tea Pot Done, were handing out spoils like Tamminy Hall, and instead of breaking into none hotel in DC like Watergate, the Clintons through computers broke into thee entire United States Goverment for foreign agents.

For bribery, influence, corruption, treason, Bill and Hillary Clinton in one year more than all of these major scandals combined, and have been aided in this cover up by a corrupt Justice Department and corrupt oligarch media.

None of this is new to the Clintons, as they started out in Arkansas laundering money for the CIA in the Rose Law Firm and were part of Iran Contra in the coke shipments were landed in Arkansas, but it all simply kept growing.
To get into office the corrupt Lawrennce Walsh indicted Bush41's administration and it has all gone into the sewer since with Indonesian bribes, Chinese bribes, modernizing Chinese and Russian nuclear arsenals, Saddam Hussein Palaces for Oil, Marc  Rich pardons, and now this Regime of Clinton Corruption, known as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton at the Clinton Foundation, wraps it all up into one illegal enterprise on a scale never before witnessed.

The Clintons with Obama have now destroyed the Justice Department. The leadership at FBI is absolutely criminal. It is a reality of New York FBI went rogue for America in going after the criminal corruption of the Clintons, and reality which is sinking in, in we have proof now in Wikileaks Emails that in one form or another, the following people are guilty of felonies, and in a just world would go to prison.

image Obama, lying about not knowing the Clinton server was operating.

Hillary Clinton, pay to play and destroying evidence.

Cheryl Mills, the cover up of image Obama knowing about the Clinton server

John Podesta, quid pro quo in bribes to insurance companies.

Robby Mook, the violence at the Trump rallies.

Huma Abedin, lying to federal investigators and having classified information on non secure devices.

Literally in the best case, we are talking about 5 to 20 years for the least of these crimes, and for someone like Hillary Clinton, we are talking about something like 5000 years in prison before she would be up for parole.

The Clintons are part of Historical Corruption, a corruption so vile, that it will be reviled for generations, and even though people like you in the future will only recognize the name like Watergate in being something destruction, the name Clinton will have that same evil historical cast.
Think of it this way, in General George Armstrong Custer was trying to expose the terrorism of the Indian Ring and was assassinated for it in a military operation, exactly as Ambassador Chris Stevens with the Americans at Benghazi were assassinated in trying to clean up another arming of terrorists, in this case Muslims in the Mideast for profit and control.

The Lame Cherry has a message for Democratic party and Democrats in having them consider, do they want the Bill Clinton crimes of the 90's amplified 1000 times more, with the outcome of Hillary Clinton either taken out in cuffs or a coffin, the lackluster Tim Kaine implicated in all  of this, and a GOP Speaker in the White House, as Democrats are smashed as Watergate smashed the GOP in 1976?
Democrats have to know that with the Obama Super Depression deepening, a war with Russia coming, and Hillary Clinton tainting thee entire political left, that Democrats are going to be ruined for a generation, as the internet is going to brand Democrats the way  media branded Nixon and Republicans.

The time is now for Democrats to approach Donald Trump and the GOP leadership and insure that Mrs. Clinton is defeated, is indicted, the token Clinton faction tried, and Donald Trump issues a pardon to the Clintons with the following:

The Clintons and Obamas move to exile in Paris and never return to America.
Both the Clintons and the Obamas NEVER give an interview or are involved in US politics again.

This will benefit Democrats in putting this behind them, and out of sight is out of criminal mind for the voting public.

If Hillary Clinton is allowed to steal this election, then the Sanders voters will riot. The Right Wing will join them. America will have anarchy in the streets, and the Russians and Chinese will have a 5th Column to exploit in America, as if Democrats do not have this figured out, there is going to rise a Donald Trump on steroids 100,000 time more dynamic who ill have them hanging from the lamp posts across American cities.

For the sake of Democrats, it is better to put Donald Trump as President, and send the specter or Hillary Clinton off quietly into the night or she is going to bring down the entire Democratic party for a generation.

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